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Hi guys,

So as I promised I’m starting to update my blog and hopefuly compile a ‘gallery’ of sorts of my army to date.

Anyway heres a list of what I have atm:

6 Hobgoblin wolfriders

Great lord on Taurus

CD Hero (bighat)

16 converted bighat warriors all built, half semi-painted now, half done!

10 Bull centaurs

x2 earthshaker cannons (looking to sell one)

x1 death rocket

x 16 Blunderbuss w/command (original models)

x2 hobgoblin khans (original models) on wolves

x1 hobogblin khan (ghazak khan model) on great wolf (Thunderwolf Model) - I’ll be using this the most… once its been built!

Pictures to come!..


in the process of making a photobucket account and uploading to there so keep your eyes peeled guys :slight_smile:

Kera foehunter:

Waiting * Kera start to tap her foot*


Sorry for the delay guys! I had to make a photobucket accnt. To host the photos and then upload them! I’m at my girlfriends for a few days so hope to upload the starting photos on mon/tues! I’ve been making scenic bases for them all too which is taking an eon, plus painting the shields on the sprues (done) for the first 8 converted big hats - started painting 5 of these too.

Have another centaur, an original standard bearer and hopefully 5 blunderbussers on the way soon too…im gonna be busy! Photos to come soon…honest


Ok so here’s the link to my photobucket account - im trying to edit it and sort it into folders but im using my gf’s laptop and its hideously installed with the non user friendly windows 8… so ill sort them into folders etc when im back home. For the time being - here’s the link so you can sift through, if you can be bothered :slight_smile:

if that doesn’t work -


Kera foehunter:

Thank you very much for posting your army…

I love your big tall hat you made out of green stuff

< big tall hat hug >

this is how we say thanks



Cheers kera, i’ll upload some more photos/progress pics as soon as possible


quick progress update! I’m hoping to finish my unit of 8 (small beginnings I know) Bighats this week. Once these are done I’ll start work on my Bull Centaurs and my Hero/Lord/Person in charge on Great Taurus.

Potentially looking to convert some Thunderers into Bighat Blunderbussers in a month or so once my current painting stock is done.

Ironically when I was younger I never had the money to buy mini’s but always had the time to paint them, now, I have the money to buy them yet seemingly nowhere near enough time to paint them :stuck_out_tongue: I must be getting old!

Quick Edit: Almost forgot, I’ve bought 3 ogres off ebay to strip down. I’ll be using/converting one as a slave for the War machines under the Throne of Tamurkhan rulebook - i’ll have 2 spare if anyone wants them very cheap for the same purpose.


Quick update: photos of my now completed unit of 8 CD big hat warriors w/ handweapon and shield will be up tonight!

I’ll also do a guide w/ pictures eventually on how I made them!

I’ve also started gathering parts for some conversions - a hobgoblin Khan on a great wolf, and a unit of ‘new’ wolf raiders based off fenrisian wolves and some erm… goblins.

These will run along side my other hobgoblin wolf riders for bigger tournaments (potentially) which are the classic models… I need to do some painting!!!

Hopefully I will have made some good progress this week on my centaurs this week too, and my Castellan (I’ll be building a large base of different troop choices/heros etc so I can choose my army depending on my opponents type, rather than be restricted to the same choices)

BTW…Does anyone know how to insert images (photos) as a post on here? All I can do atm is post links?

- CD007