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Who nominated them and why were they nominated? I'd like to see this sort of information because I don't cast a vote without knowing the who, what, where, when, why and hows of a candidate. Otherwise, I might as well piss into a windstorm..

And I'm not completely sure how, but I missed the whole darned nomination process, thread and notice.. I blame the administration for not making the banner about this big enough for us old timers who can't see small things very well.. :o

see my above post again.. Perhaps I'm alone, but I found the lack of information a bit pisspoor.. sorry, but for something like this, I'd have expected a flashing banner, and more time .. but hey, I just travel through here, what the hell does my opinion matter?

I see that now.. and saw it about the same time I stumbled across this thread.. I still stand by my statement.. Not enough flash.. I wonder if I am the only one who missed it.. IF that's the case then shame on me, if it's not.. then.... shame on..........

A "pisspoor" "lack of information"? O_O? Really? Anyone who knows me knows that I take suggestions for the site very seriously and always endeavour to clarify things and give as much time as possible.

Another fantastic year into the record books. In that time we've more than doubled the number of the posts on the forum! We have about 70,000 posts now and nearly 1200 members! To top that off, we just surpassed 2.5 million page views! This past month was our most successful month ever in terms of traffic to the site! We had 179,564 page views! That's more than 30,000 views more than the nest best month!

I am also very pleased to see so many new faces on the forum these days taking up the mantle of the Chaos Dwarfs! If I didn't get a chance to welcome you to the site in the welcome thread, let me say it again here: Welcome to the site! Our "grassroots" movement to advance the Chaos Dwarfs' interest has been most successful, and we are looking forward to what the collective contributions of all members will produce in 2009!

But before we advance into our future endeavours, let us give thanks and recognition to all those people who people who made us proud in 2008! 5 Medals are to be awarded, just like last year. These medals recognize outstanding achievement for the year of 2008 with respect to the Chaos Dwarf community. You are requested to nominate one person and their achievement for each category.

Entries must include 5 nominations, one for each category. Entries that do not nominate a member for all 5 categories will be disregarded. I also strongly encourage that you supply the reason for your nominations as in the example below. If you can't think of who to nominate for a category, do some research. If you don't know who the best general should be, take a look at the Gaming section of the forum. Who's been posting battle reports, tactic and helping others with army lists? These should help you come up with a nominee.

The categories are:

Best Attitude - A member should be nominated on their forum presence and behaviour toward other members, displaying exemplary attitudes of kindness and encouragement.

Best General - This member is always ready to give advice on army lists, has very good lists of his own, and perhaps has won a tournament or two using his Chaos Dwarf army.

Best Hobbyist - A nominee for this award has contributed an amazing model, or models that exemplifies what a Chaos Dwarf army should look like: flawless execution of conversion and painting while adhering to the Chaos Dwarf mythos.

Best Contributor - This award will go the member that has contributed most to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs. He or she has done or made something that has profoundly benefited the presence of Chaos Dwarfs as a whole!

Best Overall Member - This member may not be the best hobbyist, might not ever win a tournament, but he or she has a great presence on the site, the forum, the wiki, the chat and whatever else! They are dedicated to the cause of the Chaos Dwarfs!

Nominations should be phrased like this:

Award Name - Member Name - The contribution that should be recognized.

Best Attitude - CheeseMan - For his/her excellent contributions to the forum games!
Best General - LordOfLava - for her/his excellent 2250 point list that isn't too beardy. (Hyper Link, if applicable)
Best Hobbyist - Rupert - For the most excellently crafted Bull Centaurs I have ever seen. (Hyper Link, if applicable)
Best Contributor - TempleTower - For his excellent guide to converting Sneaky Gits. (Hyper Link, if applicable)
Best Overall Member - Dwarf of Evil - The most positive, active, creative, driven, exciting person on the forums, when they speak, I want to listen!

PM your nominations to our new member called Staff, which every staff member has access to. The Nominations will be tallied, and the top 3 members for each category will become official nominees. The 15 Nominees' names will then be prepared in a poll for all to vote on beginning February 15th.

An important note! The Staff CAN be nominated, HOWEVER, they must not be nominated for their staff-related duties. For example, Willmark could be nominated for his work on the Webzine, but not for being excellent at moderating the forums. This way we are all on fair ground. We are dealing with what we offer the forum as members, not as staffers.

If you have any questions, just ask! Send your nominations in as soon as you can!

Cheers, :cheers

THT, I don't write these 750 word essays for my health!

Take even one second to go to the main website:

Not only did I allow TWO weeks for voting, I also posted a Reminder when there were two days left. We even gave a heads up about it in the Podcast. It's even in my sig. o_o

Podcast Mention
Nominations Thread
Reminder Thread
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I am not sure what else you want me to do?

May I suggest you set your favourite/bookmark to http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/ so you don't miss News posts in the future?