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Can you explain a bit more about what it would be?  You mean a comic strip on Chaos Dwarfs made by people other than baggronor?  Or non wargaming?  Or a comic strip using CDO members as the characters?

Perhaps an example would help?

How many pages?  Who would write it?

I always like seeing comic strips, but they would take a while.


I think I understand, you mean do a comic of CDO members as the characters.

We do have some good people here, but it would have to be done tastefully so as not to offend anyone.  It would require their permission as well. (edit:  infact the person/people who it is based on should probably write their own ones)

Can you give an example of what would happen in a comic strip?  Would it be in a CD context

Would it be like ‘kera cruises round the Bretonnian coastline on her ship, kicking butts and taking slaves’.  You could have a hobgoblin assistant etc.

Or would it be in a real world setting, nothing to do with CD or wargaming?

You can have comic ‘strips’ that are only a few pictures, maybe even 1.


I’d offer myself up for the topic if skewering or bring roasted (aka being made fun of) or otherwise the subject for it.

Contrary to popular belief I’m not that much of a harda@@, and on top of all that I don’t take myself that seriously.

There was a thread stating out the members of CDO a while back but can’t find it at the moment.

In short as long as it is done in fun I see no issues. So if someone wants to do one just make sure a staff member sees it first.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I think this could be quite cool. Just run ideas about the member being depicted to check that they’re okay with it and apologise if they’re not. Willmark’s talking of the thread that’s entitled along the lines of “Facts about CDO members”, where we created (false) facts about everyone.

On my old laptop, before it killed everyone that saw it, I had started to compile them into a spreadsheet of people and their facts. Damn dying laptops :stuck_out_tongue:


No the one I was thinking off had warammer stats for us


Sounds like a fun and interesting idea


You can use me for it.


This sounds great i’d love to be in it as long as i can drive the serpents out of the dark lands it sounds silly but thats how my backstory goes and why i picked “Patrick” as name because of St Patrick and its also my middle name :D.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Willmark, I faintly recall that thread, but it would have to be kept believable :wink: