[Archive] CDO Landmarks


Just noticed we’ve passed a quarter of a million posts and are three threads short of having 15k threads. Not important really, but respectable achievements none-the-less; way to go guys :hat off


Nice! Wheres Xander these days?


This is easily the best online community I have ever been a part of


This is the only one I’ve ever needed! I kinda read rumour threads on Warseer sometimes, and browse minis on Cmon, and was a member of Carpe Noctem for a bit, but really CdO has been my favourite place to come too!


It is the only one I’m active on and before that it was “Hand of Hashut” site.

I’ve tried a WoC one and the greenskin one occasionally but not often at all.

I’m glad to a part of something like this community.


It is a great forum. I have a user Asrai and on danish Powerfist (never go to the international one!), not quite as inclusive communities. Powerfist do have an awesome large sales forum however.

I love CDO.

The competitions and medals do a lot to keeping the community vibrant!


Nice! Wheres Xander these days?

He checked in and commented on some posts, not too long ago.


A great community/forum to be apart of… :wink:


We’ll drink to that! :cheers

Yes, it’s a great online community here on CDO. You can find a wealth of hobby resources and inspiration here, and multiple talented people’s take on the Chaos Dwarf army in very different styles. Not only excellent miniatures and terrain are to be found here, but also rules, artwork and background crafted throughout the years. Taken together, it’s a treasure trove. So watch out, lest those Hobgobbos nick it!


I wish I could be online like I used to, I still read alot ofcourse but I’m in a work-kids-martial arts period right now but as soon as things tone down a bit I hope to get

back to more decent levels of escapism.

CDO is the best forum there is, you guys are the best. Seriously, artistic geniouses with true grit all of you, good people. :cheers