[Archive] CDO NEEDS YOU!


…to enter GWs gameboard giveaway competition!

As UK residents will no doubt know, GW’s ‘what’s new today’ blog is running a competiton to win a fully painted Realm of Battle gameboard. Entrants send in pictures of thier terrain and the best are featured in the blog.

Now this is a big chance for us to get Chaos Dwarfs some publicity, so if you own a particlarly impressive piece of Chaos Dwarf or Darklands themed terrain, please send it in with a note about what it is. With enough entries, hopefully we can get their attention and get them to feature some pieces. This would be the first Chaos Dwarf feature on the main site for a VERY long time.

Get cracking!


Feebly attempts to create something from nothing

Whips slaves due to failure

EDIT: Would that board made for gamesday be something sent in, or are they looking for particular terrain pieces?


I was dubious at first that they would only want to show GW terrain, but it seems anything will do.

I plan on taking better pics of mine and sending them off.


Yes, everyone who entered Artisans contest should send there stuff off definitely - surely there’s some other lovely bits knocking about on here somewhere…

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I have done as requested, my lords. :wink:

A terrain contest on GW’s website and a terrain-themed contest at CDO? Coincidence? I think not, it’s fate pushed into the right corner by the Dark Father muahahah :hashut


I did… i sent in pictures of my turn counter/sinister statue… Its a converted King Grudgebearer model…


Sent in a photo of my entry as well.

Perhaps the deluge of Chaos Dwarf-related scenery will make them realize just how much people enjoy using this force - and make them issue a .pdf FAQ or upgrade to the Ravening Hordes list.


the winner is here:http://www.games-workshop.com/gws/content/blogPost.jsp?aId=12700003a

no CDO terrain :frowning:

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Well I have to admit that this is a mighty fine piece of work. Doubtlessly deserved the win.


I agree great terrain piece, however my cynical side still observes that they chose a piece that used a fair bit of GW 40K terrain/buildings. It’s a great piece, I wouldn’t argue that. I would, however, question whether something equally as good would have been chosen that was 100% custom and didn’t have a single component that GW made money from. With the piece they chose they’re still raising the profile of their own merchandise … which the visitors can go and immediately buy while they still have that image of the cool terrain piece in their heads.


slightly off topic but the photo displayed of the crowd doesnt half show why I try to avoid instore playing…