[Archive] CDO T-Shirt(1)


Hello everyone,

Here is the file for the Chaos Dwarfs Online T-Shirt. Couple of things however:

1. We do not (no longer) have these printed for sale. These are merely files that you can take somewhere to have them printed.

2. You cannot have these created for resale. If you want to take this somewhere for you to print up for your own personal usage that should be fine.

3. These are just the files, the place you take them to will need to convert the text into vector based art, they should know how to do this.

4. We are providing these as a benefit to the site, we are not doing trouble shooting as to why this may or may not work for the vendor you choose. In other words you will need to work with your creator of the t-shirt, not CDO.

5. We cannot stress this enough these is not for sale, we need to abide by GW’s wishes regarding this.