[Archive] CDO Webzine Word of Hashut Issue #3


PM me and when can discuss.


We are doing well with submissions, but as always I encourage you to get your submissions into Servius.

We are in need of letters to the Slave Pen as well. Also remember we are accepting submissions for Issue #4 as well if you need more time.


Reminder to all: The deadline for submissions is Saturday November 29th. If you have not already done so please make sure to get your submissions in to Servius.

Kera foehunter:

can you expain the slave pen letter !

what one need to do or what one can ask ???


Just look at the last two issues the question can be whimsical, funny, serious or whatever you want and our hobogoblins attempt yo answer, beware they are none too bright.


UPDATE: Hey everyone just a bit over a week to go and its deadline time. Please help the team with getting any articles or other submissions in to the Servius. Some of you I have spoken to and you already know your deadlines.

Also those of you slated for Issue #4, now is a great time to start your submissions to there will be now excuses next time! You knwo who you are! :wink:


Only a few hours left until the deadline for submissions for the WoH Issue #3 transpires.

With that said however I have spoken to a number of you in regards your submissions for issue #4, so start working on them to get them in on time.


Submissions for the 3rd issue are now closed. If you have been in contact with either Servius or I, we will contact shortly for those of you who are slated for issue #4. Right now our focus is obviously on getting issue #3 out the door but submissions for #4 will start shortly.

Those that have stuff in flight or for revision know who you are and have their adjusted timeframe.


For those keeping and eye on this (hello, anyone?) we are now in the home strech looks lime we should make the 27th for the deadline.


we should make the 27th for the deadline.
Eeeeexcellent :)

Thommy H:

Lovely stuff.

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Viskar Zhragoth:

Great, it will be awesome to get this one to bed…now everybody get their submissions ready for #4!

Willmarks Apprentice:

Really looking forward to this!

Hashut’s Blessing:

About to start work on it, lol. Assuming Mr. Xander has done his part.


Aside from a few minor bits it should be released to the staff of the webzine for proofing very shortly, possibly tonight. much like last time it might slip a few days buy I am fairly confident that it should be out by the 31st at the very latest.


UPDATE: For those keeping track we are now at the final proofing stage. With the holidays it might be a challenge but it is more or less done now.


UPDATE: For those keeping track the last roadblock for production has finally been fixed and we are not back on track, I would imagine in the next few days this will be up, thanks for the patience everyone.


and we are not back on track
Boooooo. Work those slaves harder :)


The editors are crumbling under the negative psychological influence of reader submitted photos in CDO shirts.

Make those SAN checks, boys and girls!


Oops that should be we are NOW back on track! :slight_smile: finalizing editing now, I wonder how quickly the various gaming news will spot it once it’s realeased. Last time it was lightning quick.