[Archive] CDO Webzine Word of Hashut Issue #5


Hashut’s Blesssing please contact Servius for access.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Surely shall and I was offering, but checking I could do English English as it’s what I’m best for :wink:


For those following this… this is going to be massive! I have been working on it diligently as has the staff, but figured was time to start promoting it as the count down gets closer…

In short stay tuned (for those wondering release date is not until June 27th at the earliest).


I’m happy to help out with proof reading as well if you wish (feel free to PM me).


I’d also be happy to proof read, if you don’t have enough help already.


Ok we are pouring a ton of effort into this but I dont think that it will make it out this Friday, more likely is next friday but we shall see.


The grind continues but we are getting closer, only a few more bits to go now. Target is for Saturday, 8 days past deadline. One of these times we will hit it.

Ancient History:

The trick is to add two weeks to your expected deadline and then everyone will be impressed when you get it done four days early.


Or they just take an extra 2 weeks to get their submissions done :slight_smile:


Something like that; last night I powered through quite a bit, still a significant amount of work left but the major hurdles have been cleared.


Everyone will be happy to know that Issue #5 is now in the hands of the editorial team… :slight_smile:


update? how much longer!?

I’ve never been in suspense for the webzine before since I had already read it a couple times by its release!


snickers evilly

It feels different, doesn’t it?


Hehe if two certain helper dwarfs help out ever so slightly it could be this evening… :slight_smile: Yes I am being somewhat cryptic o_O


gaaaah I’ve done my part, now release me, evil one!! :slight_smile:


You have done well, I give you a month off until we start this all over again… :slight_smile: truly awesome Dude!


You have done well, I give you a month off until we start this all over again... truly awesome Dude!
The brutal truth is that I have to start on the next part of my top secret project almost immediately if I am to have it finished in time for issue 6... :)


so whats the release date?wanna see…


My guess us based on the few minor things I need to tweak is sometime after 10 PM EST (that’s -5 GMT).


And so another issue is out, and as such this thread is closed.