[Archive] CDO Zine #10- The Word of Hashut


CDO Ezine- The Word of Hashut #10

Project Name: The Word of Hashut- Issue #10 (Autumn 2010)

Project Leader: Willmark

Project Goal: To complete issue #10 of the ezine

Submission/Publish Dates Submissions: Saturday, August 28th / Publish: June, September 25th

Editor in Chief: Willmark

Editors: Sojourn, Swissdictator

Content Editor: Cornixt

Submissions Coordinator: Maul

As usual here is the thread for communicating with the forum as a whole regarding its status.


Realizing that issue #9 is not out yet but I wanted to get a start on this one.

To start with I have an assignment for all artists who want to contribute , If interested please contact me via PM for what this is.