[Archive] CDO's Official Presence at Baltimore Games Day 2010



Cruel Industry of the Chaos Dwarfs
Club: Chaos Dwarfs Online
Models you can bring: WH Troops
Using forced labor to expand their empire, the twisted Chaos Dwarfs are getting a bit too close to the World's Edge Mountains. Set in the Dark Lands, this ash strewn volcanic wasteland is rich with sulphur, oil and tar which the Chaos Dwarfs are attempting to extract and use for their evil purposes! Help liberate the prisoner's camp and destroy the evil Chaos Dwarf factories! Players can use their own troops to help the Dwarfs defeat their Chaotic kin.

Although I have yet to receive a personal response to our request for a table, we seem to be in the line up!

This will mean that Vexxus and I will be in Baltimore for sure. Willmark will also be there.

Who else is coming?


Sweet! And there’s another hint at Chaos Dwarfs:

Battle for Paradise Ruins

Club: Mesa Citadel

Models you can bring: 500 points of WH

The mighty armies of the Old World do battle over Paradise - an ancient human stronghold that has partially returned to the soil. The primeval castle holds a dark secret, a translucent jade stone sent from the heavens that amplifies magic. Two races will battle for control of this stone.

Bring a legal 500 point force to participate. Wood Elves and Chaos Dwarfs will be supplied if you do not wish to use your own models, however, If you do use your own models you will receive a bonus re-roll to be used during the game. If you win the battle you will receive a trophy to remember your victory. May glory in death be your guardian inside Castle Paradise!


Wow, sounds good!

But unaffortuly I can’t go.:frowning:

Who is going to play with chaos dwarfs? And what miniatures are he/she going to use?

There is going to be CDO presence on other Games Days in other countries?


This will mean that Vexxus and I will be in Baltimore for sure.  Willmark will also be there.

Way to represent!! Any chance of getting some video or photos to document the event?

Sounds like excellent WOH and CDR material!



I hope you will make much photos!

I’m eager to see the scenery and also the coming battles!

Sadly Baltimore is a bit out of range for a short trip! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



Willmark and I will likely document everything with pictures and Twitter updates. :slight_smile:

Vexxus and I will also be documenting the building of our Games Day table.


Good, longing to see images :smiley:


Yep get the word out everyone. While we cant all meet at the same place we can make our presence known everywhere we go!


VERY excited.

Hopefully more members will be able to make it, but if not we will certainly represent, and document.

If there is truly a Chaos Dwarf resurgence on the horizon, this will be a critical event to be representing the website, and the potential for vast interest is great.

If anyone IS planning on going, and would like to be involved with running the game at the table (referee, Chaos dwarf player etc) this would be VERY useful. Please contact Xander or myself if you would like to volunteer.

Time of Madness:

Yep get the word out everyone. While we cant all meet at the same place we can make our presence known everywhere we go!

This is a great idea! Have you had a table there in the past? I think many gamers will be shocked to see a table dedicated to CD's. If anything it will advertise for the site and maybe bring in some more members.
Time of Madness


Cool, already I have desire of seeing the images. :slight_smile:


I might have to bring a sharpie for signing Word of Hashut’s! :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

I would absolutely love to come, but I unfortunately haven’t got the funds and my university schedule and auditions aren’t allowing me for a while. However, i’ll see if I can prepare thigns for this side of the pond next year if possible :wink:


Its a bit far to go, but cool that you manged to get a table.


Construction has begun on the table!

We chose to make a 6’x4’ table. Vexxus and I were hard at work, I will be uploading some pictures of our progress soon!

Time of Madness:

Hey Xander if you need a hand let me know (I live close to you). I’ll send you a pm.

Time of Madness

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent news! I’m very eager to see its progress so far and regret not being able to come or help.


Link! http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7623

Hashut’s Blessing:

Seen it and am devouring the pictures, so hold your horses! (On that linking, not the project or showing us, lol :stuck_out_tongue: )


So far only 4 of us?

I am realizing that many people are overseas which obviously makes it completely impractical to attend, but anyone else from North America coming or at least considering it? The more the merrier, would really love to see as many as possible to represent!