[Archive] CD's and Steam-tek


Question, is should steam power be allowed in my army?
eg:- steam powered buzz saw on an inferno golem, or even a chain axe on a commander? - so making it in short supply and used by ony the best, not a normal trooper equipment.

What I have in mind is a sort of empire technology style of steam power, in a skaven feal of light weight equipment.

So think a Captain has an axe, but on the end is a mini buzz-saw, with pipes and cables going to a ‘odd generator’ on his back.
Or a Inferno golem with a generator hooked up to a buzz saw, spun by a vapor release on the blades.

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Not quite this, but i do like it :smiley:


I think that it might be OK in large (ie. steam-tank sized) constructs, but small, efficent engines would cause problems, I think. Personally, I think that WHFB has gone a bit too far with steam engines and gunpowder, etc… but I like a much more ‘swords and sorcery’-style universe.

That said, you can really do whatever you want - but I’d be careful of accidentally ‘40K-ing’ your fantasy army.


yeah, aiming to use a few but limit them majorly and making them look cumbersome, and with a ‘back-up’ side with a mace or a hammer.
-so to make it look ‘work in progress’ - mulling over putting a demon in a box connected to it :smiley:

The idea I’d had is that demonic blood never cools down, mix it with water = vapor, that can spin anything pretty easily.
keep the tec looking simple, but dwarfish, with a hint of chaos, and walla WFB.

When I say steam tec, all i mean is that i might stick a buzz-saw on a great weapon and it will simply ‘count as’ a great weapon, no special effects, simply thinking of ‘the look’


Just done my first ‘great-buzz-saw’ look ok, think it need some leads or wireing now, just to make it look more cumbersome and less light weight. - oh and the ‘two jars’


I have to agree with the sentiment that WHFB has moved to being less “fantasy” as its incorporated more technology over more magic. For GW the problem is one is eaiser to portray in model form than the other. For CD its all about daemon power. Steam power, as it already appears in the Empire and Imperial Dwarves is acceptable, but really shouldn’t go beyond them. Like all ruinious powers CD should derive their “power” from the basterdized form of what their counterparts use. Daemon powered steam tech is the extent of that, but both steam powered and daemon powered constructs really should avoid going as far Warmachine’s Warjacks.


Maybe my age is showing, but I don’t really like the idea of moving towards the steam punk (tech) type of game. For me it just doesn’t have the kind of fantasy feel that I want to play.

Empire (who were my first army) have long had their tank, but I think in 7th they brought in the robo horse which I thought was a step too far. If we ever get official rules with golems and the such I’d still be happy (because we’d be official again) but, I feel everytime an army is updated they ditch some stuff, they add some stuff, and the following army release is always going to trump all. I just see it all escalating out of control.

Now I know some people feel that this is a fantasy game and as such anything goes, but I just feel that you have to draw the line somewhere. Otherwise in a few more years there will be two versions of 40K.

Just my thoughts on the matter.



Agreed, i’m not a fan of W40K at all so I really wouldn’t want it to move towards it.

I quite like steam-punk style of things, there has to be a line (in time tec) i was just wondering where people thought it was.

A hint of it I think is cool, but it shouldn’t be: 1. easy, 2. simple, 3. light weight.

I’m going to stick to those rules, and no machine guns :smiley:


If you look at the blood bowl range there is a goblin in there that has a chain saw so i thinks its safe to say that you could use one in an army if they can use it in blood bowl :slight_smile:


lol, hadn’t spotted that guy!

I think the minimal, awkward demon tec method is what i’m going to do.


if cd can build a kolossus a chain saw would be no problem for them

and dwarfs also have lots of steam engines and stuff,so cd with their weird and dark technology could do way better :wink:


Thats is VERY true.

next problem getting the steam from the ‘‘back pack’’ to the handheld saw

-i was thinking of ‘treated leather’ - if you treat leather in small enough amounts with wax it remains plable but it very good at blocking water, - so a brown ‘‘cable’’ with stitches on it would be ok i’d say.