[Archive] cds at dundracon tournament

Da Crusha:

so I ran tamurkhan cds at dundracon today.  we did pretty well. I didnt even bring the kdaii destroyer. heres my list.

1 Sorcerer Prophet
lore of hashut, level 4 talisman of preservation, enchanted shield chalice of blood and darkness.

1 Dark Castelan
stone mantle shield bsb

Deamonsmith Sorcerer dispel scroll level 1 death

Hobgoblin Khan
light armor shield spear
Giant Wolf

30 CD Infernal Guard fc
32 CD Infernal Guard fc
46 Hobgoblin Cutthroats mus

1 Magma Cannon hellbound

5 Hobgoblin Wolf Raiders bows
Giant Wolf

1 Hellcannon

Chaos Siege Giant rune of hatred

I didnt go with a kdaai detroyer because the only model I had to represent it was a giant and I didnt want to be that guy that says his giant is not a giant even though we can field one, its kdaai destroyer. by the way. the giant only saw combat once even with all of the other jiuicy targets.

first game was against dark elves. my magma cannon and hell cannon burnt up the hydra the first turn later my hellcannon charged ito combat with some crossbowmen. we came across the side and began hitting his units to the flank. I prevented his very big unit of executioners from ever charging with ash storm. they were trying to get into combat with my sorcererprophet and infernal guard unit. also my deamonsmith miscast during the game taking a S10 hit and then turned to stone killing himself. giant never saw combat. we won this game with a tournament score of 16-4

2nd game was against a tombking player unfortunately my player was supper slow and we only played 2 freakin turns in 2.5 hours. luckily I did enough wounds to secure the victory. this time winning 18-4

my 3rd game was against dwarfs. this game my helcannon was immediately destroyed. followed by my hg hero, giant and hellcannon. we ended up charging against his big infantry blocks. hammerers with shield bearer general and bsb. we lost that combat after several turns on combat. I only got to cast ash storm one time to debuff him because he had so many dispell dice. not once fdid I get breath of hatred off in this battle. my flame cannon did the most damage the entire game and that died by turn 3. my pretty much got smashed.

so overall I took 10th I believe out of 24 or so. also made it too one of the top tables so that was cool. my last opponent ended up getting best overall.

I think next time Im definitely gonna bring the destroyer especially since a lot of people know about it now apparently and they all had a sigh of relief when I told them I didnt bring it. Im also gonna try and work in greatweapons. I always ran them in ravening hordes but I deceded to go a differnent direction. I needed great weapons a whole bunch of time s today.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

How did your Hobbos fair? Did they hvae any epic moments or were they just epic-fail?

Grimbold Blackhammer

Da Crusha:

no they did their job, tarpitting. in the first game we rolled the dawn attack special scenario that calls for random deployment. I hate that scenario. it turned out my general got placed on my right flank while my hobbgobbos on my left. so no leadership 10 from them. well I got really lucky and when the hobgobbos were charged by dark elf cold one riders despite losing the combat they kept holding not needing the reroll from the bsb nearbye. eventually they held until I got my hobgobbo hero into position to do a rear charge and break the unit.

in game 2 they held up a … really big tk guy, not really familiar with the names but he has a template attack in close combat… we locked him into position so we could maneuver around him but the game was cut way short, still they tarpitted like i wanted.

in game 3 they acted as a tarpit holding up his dwarf rangers from getting a flank charge into my main block. they held up most of the game and got taken down in turn 5. all in all Id say they still do there job tarpitting really well.

hobgobbos now are not so different then they were before. yes they cost more and have the same stats but now they come with light armour which was a 1 pt value and they also come with throwing knives which honestly I never used. but also they are more reliable now since animosity can be avoided if they are near a cd or bc unit.

… that reminds me in game 1 my hobgoblin wolfriders charged a fleeing unit of crossbowmen off the table.

in game 2 my hobgobbo wolf riders were setting up for a charge or at least some shots on a casket of death and instead decided to panic themselves off the table due to animosity.

in game 3 my hgwr unit nearly wiped out a catapult until some miners came up and took them out. they also kept a few warmachine shots away from my big blocks and missed in the process.

I brought hgwr to be war machine hunters, also to catch fleeing troops that cd’s are just not good at catching. cd’s can win combat and break the foe but are not fast enough to keep the pressure on before they rally.

all in all im happy with the way all the hobbos worked out.


Cheers for the report


Nice reports mate… and interesting to read about only 2 turns against the TK player? How’d that happen? I mean I have played against some slow opponents but that is pretty bad.

Congrats on the 10th placement standings though.

Da Crusha:

thanks. about the tomb king player. it was a girl and boy was she a talker. I found her early before our round started so we could get some rule info out of the way and she showed up right as the round started. the worst part was since I wasnt familiar with her army I would ask questions and she would have to look it up and she always had something fun to say about the unit and how her army performed. she also spent a whole bunch of time looking for a 3" template and then found it on the floor in front of her. she was nice and was really cool to talk to but she sure wasted a lot of time. I knew we werent gonna have enough time because Im always rushing to finish in the 2.5 hours and we were moving along awfully slowly. she had about 8 or 9 spells to pick from so her magic phases were extra long.


So she must’ve been smoking hot for her to drain time like that, right?


Da Crusha:

I wouldn’t say smoking hot, but she wasn’t bad to look at.


Thanks a bunch for the report :slight_smile:

Obsidian Muse:

Cheers for the battle report, it’s good to see Hobgoblins being actually useful.


Thanks for the detailed report. I love reading these.