[Archive] CDs in Dwarf armybook?


In the last Dwarf army book we got a whole paragraph of fluff. Seems like it won’t be long before the next one is out, so what do you think the chances are of getting a bit more in that?


It´s slim but you never know :slight_smile:

Border Reiver:

there was more in the Chaos Warriors, O&G, Ogre Kingdom and more recently, the Skaven one - we’re not forgotten, but then again, neither are the Fimir


or the zoats :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would imagine a new Dwarf book would have more CD fluff than the last one, considering how much the other books have these days.


or the zoats :P

Zoats! Oh man, I have a few of these laying around.. didn't think anyone else did ha!


40k zoats or warhammer zoats?

I really love the warhammer kind… druidic by nature, arch-enemies to the Slann (Slann fear them for some reason), living in the deeps of the forests, killing woodelfs that dare go to deep within Loren and so forth. And the miniatures weren’t even that ugly!

The 40k zoats were a part of the tyranid hivefleets if I’m not mistaken… never really got what the 40k and the WHFB kind had in common.


Yeah Zoats, love the warhammer Zoats. Wouldn’t mind seeing them in the new edition. :slight_smile:

But I’m not holding my breath. It’s doubtfull many people still remember them.

Mmm I wonder what would happen if you’d asked about the Squats, Zoats, CD’s & Fimirs to a gamesworkshop employee. Would he run away or just explode? Afterall you used all the ‘forbidden’ words in one sentence. :stuck_out_tongue:


you forgot to mention Malal :smiley:


you forgot to mention Malal :D

No I didn't. Copyright remember... There never was a being/employee/miniature/article named Malal. Don't want to get sued here. :P


I think it is important to consider the timing of when the books are being written. If there is a FW book in production that has some CD things in it, it means that the writers and designers are no doubt discussing at length with the main studio now.

Because GW studio books take about 18 months for production (with fluff in the last 3 months say), I think they wouldn’t be starting the fluff part of a Dwarf book until early 2012 at the soonest.

So there will probably be at least a year, between a FW book and the next Dwarf one.

Just speculation, but I think all books where the fluff part is written after the FW book comes out (presuming CD have a part in it) will have more CD snippets, the Dwarf one most of all.