[Archive] CDs out

Lord Darkash:

It seems that GW have removed the use of the ravening hordes list from use in the UK GT No mention of us or of DOW :mad

were they allowed last year? or am i completely late or failing to read the rules pack properly?

If this is old news then by all means remove the thread.


Check this page:


Lord Darkash:

Check this page:

i would agree with this if the new rulepack didn't state that only armies listed that had a warhammer armies book would be allowed. see the pack itself (GW might state that the new pack superceeds the above article)...


perhaps some clarity is required?


no its true… UK GTs arent supporting CDs this year…

US prolly still is… thats how they roll…


They supported them last year/season and also at the Irish GT in March (but I think we’re part of ‘Northern’ Europe now).

Uzkul Werit:

Eh. I wouldn’t worry. The UK GT is full of power gamers and Thorek Ironbrows anyway.