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i don’t think any chain armor would be a good idea of dwarf modles of any type…

Think about it…pinchy loops of metal, and beards

Thommy H:

Thanks for sharing.


yeah random thought, don’t know why i posted it


from all the chain mail i have ever experienced i have never had any hair caught in it. people have been wearing chain coifs for about 3000 years without complaint


lol =)


I think they’d be fine as long as they aren’t wearing those watches with the stretchy metal bands… you know the ones. ouch!


oh yeah they are seriously bad

nearly as bad as using a steel spring chest expander bare chested . . . .


Wonder how the Vikings coped…?

Kera foehunter:

ha ha i don,t have a beard. but mabe there beards are so tuff the chains break from the beards rubbing it


Isn’t this the reason why they wear scale mail armour?

Anyway, this just shows the big difference between CDs and regular Dawi. The CD’s have realized this and switched to scalemail armour and dreadlocked beards - more resilient, easier to handle and cooler. The regular Dawi are light years behind - their solution to the problem - the Slayers - don’t wear armour at all and because of all this, they are shamed by the the rest of them… This is Warhammer Darwinism in action…



yes we’re WAY smarter

@ kera

best point i’ve ever heard

Hashut’s Blessing:

I find it can get caught, although its ringmail for me :wink: I think you may have recently read OOTS, asheira :wink:



yes i did

best part ever, betting on wether or not the paladin survives


Food for thought, very funny!


I’ve always thought that the armour would get unbearably hot. The Big Hats probably have a water bottle (like those beer hats) in them, to keep hydrated and replace fluids.

I got my chest hair caught in a zip once. Horrible experience. I now have a greater respect of the toughness of the CDs

Hashut’s Blessing:

Of course, the style of beards IS strong enough to break the chain/ringmail :wink: We’re Chaos dwarfs, after all! My favourite bit, because of the truth, is when Durkon reveals the knowledge of trees being assasins. Sneaky buggers, them trees. Black Hammer should be a.k.a. as Assasin’s Bane!