[Archive] Changes to 40k and plastic Death Guard


GW have announced some of the changes that’re coming in 8th ed 40k:


Taking a cue from AoS, they’ll be introducing a three ways to play system - open, matched and narrative

Thematic armies - taking thematic armies will net you bonuses (we already have this to a degree with things like the bonuses from formations but this will be even more bonuses from the sound of it)

Movement values - they’re bringing movement values back so things don’t all move the same distance

Armour modifiers - weapons modify saves now (no idea if this replaces the current ap system)

Charging - chargers go first in combat

Leadership - they’re scrapping the current rules and instead you roll d6, add the number of casualties you’ve taken then subtract your ld to see how many extra casualties you take. From what I gather this replaces the current breaking from combat/fleeing rules.


Hmmm… interesting, I quit 40k in 7th edition (as did four of five of my game group). Most of my group played armies that GW really badly hurt with the power creep (three of the five of us literally all play the bottom three armies in the game). It got to the point that even amongst ourselves playing friendly games with fluff oriented lists, we couldn�?Tt play what felt like a fair or fun game.

I�?Tm going to remain optimistic, maybe this next new edition will be the edition where they get back to the game I loved playing a decade age.

Bronze Bull:

I’m iffy on the changes to leadership, and after having played AoS I really can’t stand systems that get rid of point values, but I will be very interested in playing the next edition.