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Tarrakk Blackhand:

I know it isn’t rule-wize…but theoretically, why couldn’t “Beast” riders change out their mount for another animal?

Hypothetically speaking, in a real battle, if you sent in enemy spies to steal horses, wouldn’t your army be able to use those horses? Or for another scenario - what if after the battle, there were a lot of horses wandering around without riders because the riders were killed?

I’m just thinking - what if some Hobgoblyn Wolf Riders ended up taking some Empire horses? Would it be playable, if not for GW’s rules?


Well I actually always tougt why Dark Elves do not simply give barding to their Dark Steeds to have non stupid heavy cavalry. Fluff? Diversity? Who knows, it would be just boring if every race would have the same mounts… if you like to play a special scenario were someone steal the enemy mounts, well it would be funny :slight_smile:

Heavy cavalry chaos dwarves anyone? :smiley:

Thommy H:

Why couldn’t you pick up the enemy’s weapons or their magic items? Or kidnap their soldiers and convince them to fight for you instead? Or recruit conscripts from a village terrain piece? Or build a war machine from a forest?



Yep, playability. Everything else would be some… hm, you can do something like this in games with friends. A human should be able to ride a boar and Dwarfs could fight in the same army with humans and Elves. I know, bla bla bla fluff, but you can also play Warhammer with Warhammer rules and Warhammer miniatrues in another dimension… where orcs are peaceful traders and Dark Elves just… missunderstood :slight_smile:

Back to Warhammer: if Hobbos cought some horses, they would EAT THEM! this what horses are made for, lunch. Stupid Elves and humans, ride meals, har har.

Tarrakk Blackhand:

Well…just a though! :smiley:

In the 5th edition Chaos Dwarf “Book”, they do list other mounts riders could have…but I guess they dropped the idea later on, as you say, for playabillity.


I would actually love to see a hobgoblin hero on a giant scorpion.


Well....just a though! :D

In the 5th edition Chaos Dwarf "Book", they do list other mounts riders could have...but I guess they dropped the idea later on, as you say, for playabillity.

Tarrakk Blackhand
I see "other mounts" refers to the monstrous mounts. Don't think there was any horses in there.

I'd say there were a couple of reasons. First they went in for stronger themes in each book, mounts are included here.
Second they didn't have models nor the wish to make them I guess. Playability, sure a bit I guess.

Now fluff presents some problems as well. I have a feeling it has been mentioned that horses just don't like goblins nor orcs. Taming and rearing horses requires skills, skills I don't think the greenskins could really internalise. Whacking a horse over the head would most likely result in an internet meme rather than a ridable mount.

If talking about Dark Rider horses... they are actually a valuable and scarce commodity. As they are stolen form Ulthuan to be raised by Dark Elfs. Swift elven steeds are too valuable to throw away in heavy cavalry duties. Especially when you have more powerful Coldones available. I'd point out that it is really only in the game rules that Coldones would stop and go stupid. No fluff describes this happening. It's mostly a balancing rule. Rules leading to fluff as it were.

Borrowing someone's horses... most fantasy litterature would suggest a trained warhorse knows his master and might not let others handle it. Don't know about real horses though.

Da Crusha:

since were on the topic of other mounts, here are some models my friend converted that I totally want for myself, TIGER RIDERS!!!


Sometimes I use other mounts but on game they are what the book says,

For example a Goblim mount on a Phanter instead of a Wolf, or Chariot with Sabertooth instead of Boars, or  a cool type of rhino istead of boar for an ork hero

Below some of my ork miniatures

Da Crusha:

those are pretty cool kerbak I really like to sabre tooth tigers and the monster with the long tusks where is that from? and …did you give that ork a neck?


The ork in chariot with sabretooth its a combination from differents miniatures, the ork is from Reaper miniatures(90% sure), i made the neck and and right arm and head from Warhammer orks, the chariot is from Games workshop, and the sabrethooth are from Celtos miniatures…

The ork on the monster with the long tusks is from Confrontation, i just made a cool base and paint it,