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hello all:)!,

ive been wanting to start a chaos army and i wanted to know if you could combinde a chaos mortal army and a beasts of chaos army into one? I dont know a extream amount about warhammer so please have pity on me and be kind even tho i will as many stupid questions in the future. thanks please respond as soon as possible:cheers.




For now you can mix hordes (mortals) and beasts, but how depends on your choice of general. If your general is a mortal, then mortals are core (ie your required choices) and beasts are special (limited number of choices). If your general is a beast then it works the other way around. The same goes for daemons too.

The reason I say “for now” is because is because new army books are in the works for either this year or next for chaos, so this arrangement might change in the future.

Chaos is a pretty cool army, I have loads of chaos stuff and you can be very creative in what you collect and how you play.

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yea khan 100% correct, also because chaos dont really use rare slots, you can use 2 units of dow dwarfs, i always do so it looks like i have 40 cd’s in my chaos army, looks great


chaos can mix and match freely, it makes them a very dangerous army because theres so much variability it’s hard to prepare for them. when the deamons book comes out this may stop but I’m not sure

Gil: you don’t use chaos rare slots? I can usualy only squeeze in one unit if DoW dwarfs, the slots are great for big, rippy dragon ogres

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As the above have mentioned, but if you can, flick through the army books to check how exactly. If you decided you don’t want beasts in your mortal and/or daemon army, don’t get the beasts book. If you want beasts and either of the other army sections, you will need both books. (I didn’t think Chaos could take DoW dwarf allies? Or is this as a house rule or just something that I missed?) The other advantage to Chaos is that you can make models from scratch easily because of mutants and daemons etc etc.


Chaos can take any DoW units, including Dwarfs.

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Wait, I’m thinking of Regiments of Renown, that’s why. Sorry :smiley:


thanks guys I think im gonna make the BOC my main force with some chaos warriors thrown in and im doing a tzeentch army. I will paint the beasts with blue skin and gray fur.

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Sounds good. Any ideas for the first few units etc?


Im not sure i might buy a batalion of BOC but im not sure. should i just get one herd? my army will belocated in a rocy hilly setting. ill have a few warriors and a few chaos ogres,(i got regular ogres and painted them with tzeentch colors and i think they look good. Also in BOC what is a wargor? and should I get a beast lord or should i wait until my army is larger? thanks and sorry for my spelling(its quite nasty:sick)



IIRC, wargors are the fighty Hero choices for BOC, so they’ll be your general under 2000 pts, and supporting characters/battle standard bearers otherwise. Since beastlords are the Lord choice you can only field them in armies of 2000 pts or more, but the models for beastlords and wargors are the same. My slaanesh beastman army has two herds of gors/ungors, some chariots, some chaos knights, and dragon ogres, and usually I use shamans as my hero choices. Of course, if you pay the points to make your wargor affiliated with Tzeentch, then it becomes a wizard too so shamans are less important.


I usually field about 100 beastmen broken up into several units; 2 spawn of Slaanesh; 4/5 chariots; a Beastlord; three Bray-Shaman; 36 hounds and either a unit of Dragon ogres or some other monstrous creatures for a bit of power.

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I would say that you should start with two beast heards and a wargor, then build from there (include the ogres if you have the points). Wargors are the fighting heroes. Like most armies, you use the same model for the hero as a lord. Since you’ll be Tzeentch, don’t take shamans. Upgrade characters to Tzeentch. I would say you should consider having a minotaur lord for some 2000pts + games because of the strength and ability to field minotaurs as core, but only once your army is finished. Go for beast herd x 2. Get a character. Next addition either a BSB or another wargor model. Add some Bestigors (which can have the mark) maybe a chariot and build from there.


beast is a great place to start if you like a hoard army, so are maurraders


Id start with Marauders, cobble together a chariot out of bits. Then you’ve got a good cheapish start to an army cos you can convert most models into marauders once you’ve got some of the spares from the box. As long as you don’t have a demonic general you can have DoW, khorne with a cannon :smiley: