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Kera foehunter:

while looking thew some old w.d. i seen chaos centaurs

are they still used today !! or did they fall along the way of fishman !!!


while looking thew some old w.d. i seen chaos centaurs
are they still used today !! or did they fall along the way of fishman !!!!

Kera foehunter
You mean Centigors?

Kera foehunter:

no they are under chaos monster 1996

they do look cool


Not many were made, they weren’t included in 4th edition from what I remember, but they were in 3rd. Not exactly great models.


The Chaos Centaurs were, like the Chaos Dwarfs, in the 3rd edition not part of the “normal” Chaos army list.

You only could use them as an ally contingent.

There was in the Army Book a special ally list with them!


Kera foehunter:

i thought those where cool figures too!! musta been when gw have free thinker making there stuff


are a fun alternative to the out of production games workshop stuff



But also on a sligthly different note then

are pretty nice alternatives to the conventional GW choice and damn near 1/3 the price too :wink:


3rd edition was their last gasp. IIRC they were in the Lost and the Damned and Slaves to Darkness only, they were specked out in the 3rd edition rulebook as well however but were regular “good” centaurs…


Here are also some Centaurs:

Some of them are really cool!

And with a bit of conversion they could look very chaotic … :wink:


PS These are minis from Reaper


...or did they fall along the way of fishman !!!!

Kera foehunter
yeppers they followed the path of the fishmen. Like others have mentioned they had appearances around 3rd edition then were pretty much unheard of til they resufaced under the revamped "Centigor" in the beastmen list for 6th ed. i think.

GW's old stuff sort'uf a tossup, definately from a bygone day where "p.c." notions were mostly not an issue. There is much character and creativity in those older models. The sculpting has gotten better but now they seem to be more run of the mill when compared to the fun and frivolity of yor.

Kera foehunter:

i love reaper figures they are so cool

i also like the fenryll to

Hashut’s Blessing:

It shouldn;t be too difficult to convert marauder horsemen into Chaos centaurs, surely? the random legs and horse heads can be littered across the army as hacked enemies OR you could make horse-headed, armless, torsoless, squatting mutants!



Chaos Centaurs appeared in the Realms of Chaos books. They featured as part of the united chaos army during 4th edition but recieved no models. They disappeared when Chaos was split down the daemon/mortal/beastmen line for the first time in 5th edition. the centaurs shared much of their fluff with centigors - they were clumsy, constantly drunk and envious of better co-ordinated creatures. They did not get on with Beastmen but co-operated when necessary. Ultimately they went the way of Gave-children, Bovigors and Fimir as cool but doomed elements of the old Chaos cannon


IMO GW recieved Centaur models!

Here is an example:

The picture is of a 1st place Golden Demon Winner by Mark Dance from Vancouver. The original centaur was a metal torso/head on the old white plastic large horse bodies.

I remember also a guy in cologne with whom I played several times and he had also some GW Centaurs.

The only thing is that I´m not sure if these minis were “true” Chaos Centaurs or just normal Centaur models???

Kera foehunter:

that look cool sorta an elf centaur


I have that centaur Zanko posted. Like he says its a metal torso and plastic horse, it was released by Marauder.

BTW it was a true chaos centaur, if you look it has the chaos star on it.

I also have about 6 of the earlier all metal citadel chaos centaurs.


A friend of mine has a unit of 20 of the old GW Centaurs.

They’re still pretty nice figures, even now.

Kera foehunter:

wow 20 !!i bet that would cause havoc to the other player

Border Reiver:

Bet they’d make wonderful “counts as” marauder horsemen.


possibly, but most of them have bows