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Just saw this and thought how cool it would be to see a K’Daai Destroyer jumping out of this bad boy.

I really like it and already placed my order!

Escenografía - e-Minis. Hacemos diferente cada ejercito - Altar de Arus


I was almost going to say that I didn’t see that much in it until first I noticed the statue is of a bull, and also that there are several independent pieces (at first, I thought it was all one piece) and that the center of the main piece looks more like a well once the pieces are taken out. Once that is done, it does rather look more like some place from which a foul creature from the abyss might be summoned forth.


It would be great for an alter to Hashut maybe even a fulcrum but an immobile piece of terrain for something that moves around the battlefield has never made much sense to me.

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Thommy H:

Oooooh…I can think of something I could do with that…

Nice find.


Great find! I could make use of that too!

Obsidian Muse:

A very interesting and functional model, which can be changed at will. I do notice the little detail that is the four small shields; given what the pictures show you might think that they can be fixed onto the walls, but the walls don’t show any openings for such.


I am so in two minds about this one. I have the lovely Reaper Brass Bull that I was going to use as an Anvil of Doom for when my Dawi Zharr are feeling a bit more Dawi than Zharr (read when TOs won’t let me use CDs) - but it might just double for a Destroyer… Hmm, thanks for giving me weeks of indecision!!!


Mmmm, tasty. I think that I might switch out the bull though. I actually looks a bit like a yak… Still, with new color scheme and some bits box items, I could see this turning out great.

Good Find!


It wasn’t until I looked at this again that I realised how many different ways it can be configured. Very interesting!


very nice !!

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