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I’ve recently become interested in Chaos Dwarfs, and am considering building a force and some scenery.

I found a place on-line where I can order a Battle for Skull Pass set for 65.00CAN + shipping, so I’m considering that… but I think I’ll have to review the fluff, etc… until I buy any models. My thoughts so far are masked dwarfs with short hats, and chains instead of beards, to emphasize the difference between them and other (non-chaos) dwarfs. Also, a few units of gnoblars (slaves) and a few daemon-engine thingys. I’m trying to stay away from bazookas, rocket launchers and missiles, as I’m thinking that if I wanted to play with those I’d play 40K, not Warhammer Fantasy Battles.

Regarding the scenery, I’ve looked all over the internet, and have yet to find a single example of chaos dwarf architecture. I’ve been doing some sketches and some other doodles trying to come up with something, but haven’t finalized anything yet. I understand that the Chaos dwarfs are modelled (VERY loosely) in a Babylonian/Assyrian style, but I’m not very excited by the stlye of those structures. Can anyone point me to any examples of definitive examples of chaos dwarf architecture?

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That’s a pretty good score on the BFSP set, considering they’re @ $90 now. I know because I own a hobby shop called Monster Hobbies in High River, Alberta.

As for CD archetecture, they’re mainly Ziggurautes, gates and roadways. That’s pretty much all that’s described for buildings. As for Terrain, the CD’s live in a Volcano site. IT’s not much to go on, but in this, you have a lot of artistic liscence.

One guy on You-Tube made a molten stronghold for CD’s. Check it out and my videos as well!


Thanks for the info!

I’m thinking of a tower/outpost type thing with a mine being worked by slaves would make for a cool scene.

The $65 BfSP set is a good score - the site I found sells GW stuff for 30% off the MSRP… making some things (like unit of gnoblars) cheaper to buy them new from them than to buy them on ebay!

Anyone else have any advice?


I seem to remember someone commenting that the 40k Imperial Bastions and Fortress of Redemption would be good to convert into CD scenery, which would work well, but you would need to be very rich…

On the whole, I think basic ziggurat shape, squat and sturdy with angular doors and windows. Plastic boxes and cartons would surely provide some basic parts. There’s also the chance that some (or most) of it is underground, so you can suggest a lot just by having gates and tunnels that lead into hills and cliffs. The mine would be an interesting one. You could try making a large hill with a pit cut into it, passages leading in and out, a couple of those baggage bits from BFSP/Dwarf artillery plastics, hellcannon crew as miners/overseers, lava pits, drilling machines, furnaces, watch towers… Lots of fun :slight_smile:

There’s always the Arcane Ruins/Temple of Skulls terrain to use as a base, but again they ain’t cheap.


Using the GW sets would be WAAAAAAY too expensive - but I think I may be able to scratch build some interesting stuff. Maybe an angular watchtower, an entrance to a mine with a track and cart, and some gnoblar slaves being… motivated by a black orc or some evil dwarf overseers.

I went to a hardware store this morning, and found some textured plastic sheeting with a random rough/rocky pattern which is used for light diffusion on florescent lights. And it was cheap! So, I may cut that into peices to use for stonework, and insulation foam to use for the actual terrain features.

Thanks again for everyone’s input!


This thread has some amazing Chaos dwarf Ideas http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=3118

Not sure if it was completed but the pictures of its creation are a joy to see and its well worth a read of the source thread too :hat



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Insulation foam is the perfect terrain material. Cheap, easy to sculpt, very light.


and watch the work of this genius…


About Cds, a barren rocky cliff with a fortified mine entrance is perfect. If there is a tower with braziers and guns on top, well, that would be perfect. Baracks for slaves and workers… shrines to Hashut with burning lava… there is a guy here that made a beautiful Dungeon for Chaos Dwarfs…


You should check out the concept art for WAR (Warhammer Age of Reckoning) or whatever the warhammer online game is called. There are some excellant examples of dwarf buildings and fort entrances there.