[Archive] Chaos Dwarf army based on the Empire armylist or the Chaos armylist?


For a future Grand Tournament I want to build my new Chaos Dwarf army. Seeing as the Ravening Hordes list is no longer valid at GTs, I’ll be basing it on either the Empire armylist or the Chaos one.

I will list what I had in mind for ‘counts as’ for the two different lists and explain a bit why I’m leaning more towards using the Empire list than the Chaos one.

Chaos Dwarfs based on the Empire list.

Lord - Elector Count, other Lord character.

Great Taurus - Griffon.

Sorcerer - Wizard.

Lammasu - Pegasus.

Bull Centaur Lord/Hero - Mounted Empire Lord/Hero.

Chaos Dwarfs Warriors - Swordsmen, Halberdier etc…

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses - Hand gunners.

Immortals* - Greatswords.

Berserkers* - Flaggelants.

Bull Centaurs - Knigtly orders. (inner circle?)

Earth Shaker - Mortar.

Death Rocket - Cannon, Hellstrom.

Tenderiser, Whirlwind and Juggernaut, Kolossus* - Steamtank. (giving away some of my future plans here! :wink: )

The Chaos section is about the same plan but with entries from the Chaos list.

Why I’m leaning towards the Empire list more is because I can field more of the Chaos Dwarf different kinds of troop types both new (4th edition+) and old. Also the base size is more correct. (If a new army would come out I would have to re-base everthing if I’d based it on the Chaos list!)

Downside is of course the pointcosts and statistics which are entirely different. I would however have acces to put more models in the army than usual! Seeig as I’m going for an army award that would be a good thing.

The Chaos list has fewer options access-able. For instance I would have no artillery except for the Hell Cannon and ridden monsters would also be a problem.

I want to generate some discussion about what to do, maybe you all have tips, hints or generally other ideas which I haven’t thought of yet!

So, I added a poll to see what you guys think. Empire or Chaos, please state why you chose which one.:hat off



Conceptually I guess Chaos makes more sense, but I voted for empire simply because the base sizes are right.

In a tournament I would imagine that having the base the correct base size with counts as armies would be a very big deal indeed.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I will vote Empire. it sounds ludicrous, but it does allow you to include blunderbussers, lammasu, great tauri, earthshakers, death rockets, bolt throwers (as your cannon or a multi-bolt thrower as the Helstrom, but that seems more fitting for a death rocket), bezerkers that aren’t worse than the normal troops and the bases sizes are easier.

What does arise though is the question of why not a Dwarf list? Other than the limitations… It seems odd having movement 4 Chaos Dwarfs and the list wouldn’t be as effective if you only used M3 as their base.

One last question: what are the asterisks for?


One last question: what are the asterisks for?

Hashut's Blessing
For stuff that exists in fluff but not actually in the army list, i'm guessing.

Hashut’s Blessing:

That’s what I thought as well, but Tenderizer and the like haven’t got it, so I wondered if it was models that don’t exist, instead.


Ah, I just did the asterix at the end of the line there. But yes, they are for old or fluff based things.

Dwarfs would be great for a lot of things except there would be no Bull Centaurs, ridden Monsters and magic…


i’m with Hashut’s Blessing why not use the dwarf list

cd hero/lord-- thane/dwarf lord

warriors-- warriors (with shields)

Immortals-- hammers

Death Rocket-- Cannon

Earth Shaker-- gruge thrower

Berserkers-- slayers

Chaos Dwarf Blunderbusses-- thunders

as for the Bull Centaurs if you can take dogs of war they use them as heavy cavelry (same cost with heavy armor).


Yes, but DoW are not allowed in Grand Tournaments.

Hashut’s Blessing:

I didn’t know that… Learn something new and all that jazz.

Even so, I still feel that a dwarf army would be somewhat limiting as it doesn’t include many (if any


If CDs aren’t allowed then it is very unlikely that DoW are allowed. The problem with the Dwarf list is that it cuts out big chunks of the CD army. No slaves, even Hobgoblins, no monsters, no BCs. It does seem to be the best way to remove confusion though, and you can make some pretty cool chaosified dwarf machines.