[Archive] ** Chaos Dwarf army for sale - original 4th -7th edition models **



I’ve been collecting this army for a while now piece by piece to battle my friends and liked chaos dwarves because they are rare and discontinued.

Unfortunately my circumstances have recently changed along with my priorities so I need to sell it. Due to the circumstances I am looking to get a good price for them as they are quite expensive retail but ideally would like to pass them all on to a like minded enthusiastic collector like my self. although I would consider splitting for the right price.

I have the following:

Sorcerer on Lammasu - complete

Astragoth - complete

1 hero - complete

2 command groups (different models)

7 bull centaurs inc 2 standard bearers (one is missing his sword)

15 plastic warriors with shields + bases

19 metal blunderbuses with bases

10 metal warriors (obsidian guard) with shields + bases

2 death rockets with all crew (one is missing the little wheel on the chassis)

This all retails in excess of £400 but I am open to offers, pm me if interested, I live in the East Anglia area of the UK.


I’m trying to upload pictures but it doesn’t seem to be letting me, trying guys sorry.


here are some photos



How much for the Lammasu?

Desperate to get one of these.


I’m looking to sell these together mate


I'm looking to sell these together mate

Ok, Well it was worth a shot after you said about splitting for the right price.
Please let me know if you change your mind. There might also be a few other bits that would tempt me, depending on price.

Sadly as I own some of the death rockets already and the scale of the old centaurs is so different to the FW, I am not really wanting those parts.