[Archive] Chaos Dwarf army on ebay


Just thought someone might find this interesting…


(not the seller, not affiliated with the seller, don’t know the dude, etc… etc…)


Nicely painted but worth £1000? Nada!


My thoughts exactly. It’s a great collection, but how many people that play Chaos Dwarfs are seriously going to spend 1000 pounds in one go? Not many, I’d wager.

Also, am I the only one who finds prepainted as a deterrant? Even with my limited painting skills and my limited painting time, I feel like I don’t truly own the army until after I’ve painted it and it’s ready to go.


It’s painted to a decent standard. Good enough at least even though it could do with lots more shading, etc. But it still doesn’t seem like there’s enough there to warrant a $1500 price tag, even if it was painted to a much higher standard. Still, if someone is desperate to get started I suppose they’ll do what they feel their pocket book will allow!

Good luck to the seller.



£1000!! FFS.

never worth that, i hate people listing things with a high tags.

eBay should be lsit everything at 99p and set a reserve.

(just my opinion tbh)


haha, I wish Chaos Dwarfs were that valuable, would mean I’m sitting on a fortune.

IMO, they arent even that nicely painted, far too “red-era” for me.


I tend to take exception to most of the items on ebay listed as ‘Pro Painted’.

IMO this army is painted well, but its not brilliant. And the banners are not painted just stuck on.

With that price tag the seller obviously has no idea what they are doing and wont be selling this any time soon (i wouldn’t pay £200 for it, never mind £1000)