[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Artillery on Ebay


I’m going to be selling a large amount of chaos dwarfs and hobgoblins on ebay within the next week. I’m going to call the auction chaos dwarf artillery because the models that will be on same will include:

1. 22 Blunderbussmen (no bases)

2. 13 Hobgoblin wolfrider bowmen (includes champ and standard)

3. 2 Death rockets including crew

4. Earthshaker cannon including crew

How much do you think I will get for all of the models?


Roughly although there selling quite high at moment

22BBS �50

13 Hobb Wolfriders �60

2DRs �20


The wolfriders price fluctuates most but as i say its a rough price:hat

Pyro Stick:

Id say:

22bb - �35

13 Wolfriders - �45

2DR’s - �15-�20

ES- �15-�18