[Archive] chaos dwarf auction


thought someone might find this interesting…


(not the seller, don’t know the seller, etc…)

EDIT: (also, his other auctions are more CD stuff…)


Thats a very nice collection of metal cd’s ill keep an eye on that.


Wouldn’t mind some of those CD Warriors thats for sure


Group buy anyone?

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I’d be interested in a group buy if other people we’re keen as well (Personally looking for metal CD warriors)


The seller is just a few hours away from here. Although I don’t need anything that the seller has, I’d be willing to facilitate a group buy by getting stuff shipped here if there’s a chance that’s going to save people money… if someone else in Canada is in on a group buy then you might as well leave me out as the seller has a flat rate listed for anywhere within Canada.

Anyway, FYI.



That would be awesome!

Give us a rundown of minis split and put me down for 15 metal warriors.

Lord Aldades:

I think you`ll need at least 301 USD bid to beat the current highbidder though. Just a quite sure hunch…


My personal opinion is, that it would be hard to organise a Group Buy, based on an eBay AUCTION. I am not saying it will be impossible, it will just be very hard. It is easier to do when it is a “Buy it Now” listing.


Gotta agree with G.2 on this one, we won’t know what the final price is until it’s gone, and after it’s gone people might not want to pay so much for such and such and so on

It’s not impossible, but it is much more difficult to sort out


I would buy from it all that is, but he very expensively asks for delivery of cargo 50 usd!!! It is very expensive, very much. Delivery from Russia to Canada such cargo can manage only 20 usd.


Yes, it does seem that postage is very expensive. Oh well, that just means that people will bid less for the item.


I blame Canada Post. Our postal rates aren’t all that great… it’s not necessarily the seller’s fault :wink:

This is why I love purchasing from the UK. If I’m paying even anything close to the actual postage it seems like it’s hardly even a consideration.