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Allrighty then. Tried searching the forum for “banners” - turns up every single thread. So I’ll start a new one.

I have four almost painted dawi zhar standing in font of me. A battlestandard, two command group banners and a backbanner on a castellan.

I really like the old school banners - they have so much character.

So I plan on painting the old banner designs on my armys banners.

But i need some help.

Now check out the banners on the wiki:

I’m thinking of using this (top one) for the small backbanner on my Castellan without bsb (it’s a small banner from empire flaggelants).

And this for my hand weapon and shield infernal guard

Now here’s the questions:
1. Is the banner for my castellan right? I havn’t looked in the old armybook - don’t know which model had it.

2. What old school banner should be chosen for my bsb? Bsb’s wasn’t a thing back in 4th edition was it?

3. There is no banner for fireglaives. And I can’t use the blunderbuss banner - cause I’ll make some blunderbusses one day.
So is there a painter out there, who can create a fireglaive banner in the right style? Or do some of you have ideas - I’ll try to make one myself.

4. There are three banners that have the same skull with lightnings? Why is this? Was this a chaos dwarfs in general banner (then it could be basis for a BSB)? Did all heroes have two banner poles? Carrying two different banners?

5. Did the colours mean something? Some blue and some red? Think mine will be different kinds of purple mostly

6. What does the GW italia banner have to do with CD. Where’s it from and made for what?

7. Could it by a possible Artisans Contest theme? Create some cool new banner designs for the Dawi Zhar? Bringing old and new together.

This will be my attempt at painting something like this. Think I’ll paint the outlines with a pencil or very thin cd marker.

Thanks for the help guys.


  1. Yes, it was for a CD character

    2. There was no specific BSB banner because there were no particular BSB models, you were just meant to use a regular standard bearer model.

    3. ?

    4. Those were common on the characters. No reason was mentioned.

    5. Nope.

    6. It was on the CD section of the Italian GW site. Beyond that, there was no info.

    7. There was this: http://www.chaos-dwarfs.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=9478


A shame there weren’t more entries for that Artisans Contest.

Thanks for the answers Cornixt.

I’ll properbly end up using the Italian banner as my BSB and then come up with my own design for the fireglaives.

Fuggit Khan:

I too love the old 4th edition banners…the old army book had a full color page at the back of it that had numerous banners/styles/color combinations…but I think that just as in any color scheme for your troops themselves, it’s entirely up to you what you wish to use/depict.

I doubt that GW themselves put any thought into what banner goes where…in all likelihood it was just at the whim of the GW ‘Eavy Metal’ painting guys.

Blue, red, lightning bolts, whatever…go with what you think looks cool for your particular theme.

I personally like the skull/lightning bolts best :cheers


A hobbyist should always go for the look that feel right - of cause.

But a lot of the old army books had descriptions of the banners meaning, and runes with different meaning (do we have that?).

If we don’t have our own runes, I’ll just use dwarven ones.

And sometimes the speial characters would have a description of the symbolism in the banners they were carrying.

So I just thought that there might have been something similar for Chaos Dwarfs - in the old army book.


Just have a look at the WoH No. 6 - there are some very cool banners! :hat off

Here ist the link to the site!



Just have a look at the WoH No. 6 - there are some very cool banners! :hat off

Here ist the link to the site!


Thank you Zanko. So much great inspiration! Slaves comming your way.

I havn't read all the webzines, but this one looked really professional, amazing.