[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Battle Report

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Here’s a youtube batrep I stumbled upon. The army looks quite good however the poor attitude of the player is what I’m seeing more and more of out in the world. I know any game can be no fun if you are playing against that guy but I think this is one of those cases where someone brings his hardest list to a more friendly setting and completely crushes the spark of warhammer enthusiasm in the opponent. Stuff like being a total cheeze monkey with the Chalice and whatnot. Be nice to your opponenets folks!


Goltor Lintrepide:

I agree with what you’re saying Grimbold, pretty solid list there. The army looks really nice though.


Yea, the army looks awesome!!!Who is it btw?

The Gib:

“Every book is broken, except the one you run.” Too many players live by this philosophy. I run, what I think is a very tough list, however every list has weaknesses. I think that not very many players play against CD and so they either don’t know what to do against most of the hard stuff, or just don’t take the time to try and learn from games. The CD are just written off as broken because armies lose to them. I have played very tough lists and tabeled opponents and been tabeled. There is a way around everything. I think there are tough matchups with CD, ie Wood Elves die in droves, but that is more the fault of the WE book and not the CD.


Wood elfs can also rape us.30 inch bows with magical attacks and unit with 5up ward … running 2xlvl 4 one life 1 beasts. Magical attacks rape are tourus and kaadi. As long as you play well u have a good chance. Some bad match ups for everyone.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

I tend to disagree. I think there are a lot of players out there that use Chaos Dwarfs as a ‘**** my opponent’ army. There are players out there (I’m not saying EVERYBODY or even most, it’s probably just a few actually) that will happily take advantage of a game because we are a niche army and not a lot of folks do understand our rules. So it isn’t too hard to really beat someone down and badly too when they just aren’t familliar with our rule set. On top of that, the K’daii is so OP it is silly, the chalice can be abused to make someone never want to play the person (or Chaos Dwarfs for that matter) ever again, and there are a LOT of special army rules. Opponents don’t see our crappy rules or our limited choices - they only remember a St5 D3 wound teardrop template wiping out half of their elites or the Hellcannon that never missed once all game. I legitimately think we have a serious image problem which, if continued, will get us banned from tournaments. I’ve no doubt it is both deserved and undeserved but it is still out there…

The Gib:

Fact is most armies can make a filthy list,  with some exceptions.  Most people do the like playing games against the ogre deathstar list because it seems OP. I have got a buddy who likes to make filthy lists so when I take my CD against them I run what it think it an equally tough list. I will agree that rules as written the Chalice is broken. Personally when I run it,  which is rare, my basic rule for myself is I can use it at anytime prior to a spell being cast.  Once a spell is cast I always let my opponent choose how dice to use prior to using the chalice.  That way there is none of this racing to use the chalice or chunk dispel dice.   I don’t think the K’Daai is broken I think most people just look at its stats and assume there is no way to kill it.  Magical attacks take it down fast, Final transmutation, Dwellers, Okkams, pit of shades,  purple sun.  Also Enfeebling is brutal once you start taking toughness tests.  You can’t let it go off because if they roll up a three one fail could kill or at least weaken the K’Daai by a lot.

I think the big thing to remember is that there is usually a difference in tournament lists and fun lists.   I don’t do many tournaments so I will let someone else speak to those but I just do t see this army would be banned.  I have screwed up before and nor done my toughness tests on the K’Daai, which was on accident,  and can easily see how someone would be a douche if they did that on purpose.  But if you don’t know the rules to the army you are playing  against it is easy to be cheated.   It seems that there are just so few CD players is the problem.  Not enough exposure to the army and rules. One man’s opinion.