[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Battle Standard Bearer


A wip standard bearer having a little fun with his victim

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Let me know what you think so far!






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It looks interesting, but it doesn’t seem very chaos dwarf like.


It looks interesting, but it doesn't seem very chaos dwarf like.

Keep going. What isn't chaos dwarf like about it? Really want input on what you think and why. I always pictured Chaos Dwarfs as unforgiving bastards who care nothing about other races except for slave value. At least that is the aura I am trying to achieve with them. Is it the strange helm? The beard? Any input is something that can be improved.


Yeah its his helm, the banner itself looks great. But with the helm it looks as if he has some kind of dinosaur head.


Yeah the topper on his helm is a bit over the top but i love the facemask aspect of it. I love the helm part and have tried taking the top off and just doesn’t look right. Maybe a pic of a painted helm will give a better idea of how it is supposed to look when finished. They look pretty neat painted up. All my standards have that helm. I will try to get a pic of a painted helm up to see if it helps give a better idea of how it is supposed to look.


Here are some close ups of a painted musician ( I guess i lied its musicians who have this helm normally in my army.) Hope this helps give a better idea.



Here is a full shot of musician painted up.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

Wow, that hat is actually bigger than the models torso and legs combined!  That is a BIG HAT!

Not sure about the spear though. Chaos Dwarves don’t use them and for game play, it would actually prevent an enemy unit from being placed anywhere along its’ length. I expect it will cause more trouble than it’s worth.

Grimbold Blackhammer


Your pushing the theory of, When is a Big hat tooo big?

Keep at it mate, In comparison ive see hats the size of a giant.


Late to the show, but gosh! That hat is of a good size, and that impaled man on the spear is a perfect conversion!


Hat is waaaaay to big for me.

Nice idea but not ona standard D’s head.


I think it’s perfect for a draconic-styled CD army! I’d put the banner so it points upward but no real complaints, gotta update when it’s painted!


What a threadomancy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Btw. the hat is much too big!