[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Battlecries

Ancient History:

“For Hashut!” is a favorite, and “Kazak kazak kazak!”, but what are your favorite (or just suggested) battlecries for the Dawi Zharr?


(in scottish accent) “you may take my life, but you will never give my slaves freedom!”


my hashut corrupt the world


i remember something like “hashut! vorgund! zharr naggrund!” to be the somewhat official battlecry, but i can´t remember where i got it from


You should run strait it ans yell “Leeeeeeerooooy Jehnnnkinnnss!!!”

Ishkur Cinderhat:

LOL @ asheira… but you don’t want to be as ‘successful’ in battle as that guy, do you? :wink:


CD would shout their battlecries in a form of Khazalid, as with all dwarfs.  They would rarely shout in reikspell (english).

Can’t think of any decent ones atm though. :~

One direct one in Khazalid would be Uzkula Dawi, or ‘death to dwarfs.’

Kera foehunter:

Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum kill them sucker then were done!!!


Yipee-ki-yae mother truckers!


Better dead than without a beard


“One God ! One Master !”

Hashut’s Blessing:

“I shall PWN YOU!”, followed by the aside of: “If you don’t die, then literally!”

Knight Of Awsome:

“Kiiiiillllllrooooy Sssstttooonnnekiiinnnn” (aka:Kilroy Stonekin)

(some of the joys of guild wars):cheers


[size=xx-large]LOUD NOISES!!![/size]


With a russian accent , pointing an invisble button on the table:



Kera foehunter:

Pay up or DIE!!!


beastmaster warcry "UNLEASH THE KITTENS!!!..MEOW!!"

release the cuteness :slight_smile:


"Kiiiiillllllrooooy Sssstttooonnnekiiinnnn" (aka:Kilroy Stonekin)

(some of the joys of guild wars):cheers

Knight Of Awsome
killroy stonekin is a ripoff of the great Leroy Jenkins FROM WORLD OF WARCRAFT

"All right lets do this guys."
Leroy runs into the room screaming

other guys in the group, "oh my god, did he just run in?"

Kera foehunter:

i can stop your kittens with a bowl of cream!!! * a slave yelled back


“For a better world!!! … for us”