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Hey Bighats,

   I’m a longtime lurker, but never a poster.  My local game store is running its seasonal Blood Bowl league tourney, and I’ve wanted to try out a CD Blood Bowl team for a long time.  Anyway to the miniatures:

This is my first Chaos Dwarf Blocker.  He’s a pretty complex kit-bash.  The body is from a regular Dwarf Warrior.  The head is from the Marauder Horsemen kit.  The arms are from the Goblin Warrior sprue.  The gloves are from the Chaos Warrior sprue.  And finally the shoulder pads are from the Saurus Warrior sprue.  Also, there is a ton of greenstuff.  It looks really shiny right now because I’ve got a coat of gloss varnish over the greenstuff to help smooth it.  

And this is my first Hobgoblin.  Also, my first paintjob for the team.  The head is from the newest Night Goblin regiment.  The body is from the newest Skaven Clanrat regiment.  I also choose a different skintone from the standard Goblin Green.  

So Hopefully this will be a work in progress.  I’ll post more as I get them converted and painted.  

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Excellent start! Original and nicely executed, I particularly like your take on the hobgoblin! Can’t wait to see more!


Very cool, I don’t normally like gobbo heads on hobgobs but yours works great. As does the medium hat dwarf!


Looks great, especially the Hobgobbo! :slight_smile:

Obsidian Muse:

A real dastardly Hobgoblin you have there. Good work.


really nice work there.

how does varnish smooth out the green stuff?


The hobgoblin is very creepy. Very different from the classic comical style. Even the painting job is great.

Me like it!



Here is my first painted Chaos Dwarf Blocker

Again, I wanted to go with a different color scheme than the standard Red/Black.  So I went with Turquoise and Gold.  

Here are the rest of my Hobgoblin starting lineup

Please post comments and criticism!  



thats a Great job! and a very clean paint job


Excellent lineman! The head looks a little too human too me but great painting and sculpting…this team is going to look great!

Thommy H:

That Hobgoblin is superb. Really like that.


Swish here again. I’m going through and finishing the sculpts for the other 3 starting Chaos Dwarves. I’m starting to do the planning stage for my bull centaurs. I’m thinking about basing the lower half of the miniature off a plastic Orc Boar. (one from the newest kit). Has anyone seen another conversion like this? Any advice on it?