[Archive] Chaos dwarf box sets

hat fanatic:

was just wondering about the plastic box sets my question is, is there two different types? one with 10 warriors without shields and one with 8 with shields.


Uzkul Werit:

Not that I know of. I thought there was only the one with ten.

Pyro Stick:

There is an 8 box as well. Thats the one i have and it came with shields and bases. As far as i know the 10 box came with shields as well.


Yeah, little difference between though.

Kera foehunter:

i also seen the box of eight. but they seem to have box of 10 on e bay


Same figures in either box: The clunky ones with axes that look like halberds and don’t fit all that great on their bases.

hat fanatic:

ok thanks for clarifying that up i just thought that because the box of 10 picture had no shields so i thought they didn’t come with them.


They first came out in boxes of 10, the pic on the box didn’t have shields but there were some in the box. Then they switched to boxes of 8 (for the same price!) which had a different pic on the box and it came with transfers for the shields.

hat fanatic:

i would so rather 2 warriors than some cruddy transfers…

and you can’t even make a unit with 8 that’s so stingy.

Uzkul Werit:

I have those transfers somewhere. Nithing you couldn’t paint onto the shields.

Pyro Stick:

My transfers arent worth a damn. They fall apart and come off the shields> i would rather leave them blank and just paint them red to match my warriors armour.