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Yo my fellow warlords(lasses) i’ve just returned from a local convention where I undertook to build the participation game on behalf of my club (made a space hulk) which took three solid months and nearly broke me trying to get it finished!! anyhow i’ve been offered the challenge again and i’m feeling chariot races warhammer style, the rule i have include every race except every ones favourite (other than lizardmen) so i’m challenging you guys to come with a set of rules for a dawi entrant. doesn’t have to be horsedrawn i guess . but i will endeavour to build a chaos dwarf entry and immortalise one of you guys somehow into the circuit and will (if permitted ) use this thread as a blog.

over to you guys



You can use the model of the KHORNE BLOOD SLAUGHTERER IMPALER, of forge world, and with a bit of conversions

do you have a chaos dwarfs chariot.


How about a chariot, pulled by 2 or 3 massive bulls/bullcentaurs, and the chariot is built in the style of the chaos dwarf juggernaut. The CD itself is a hero/lord, carrying a very evil looking weapon, amazing armor and pulls forth some slave corpses behind his chariot (dramatic effect ;P)


What about this boar pulled wagon?!

Imo it looks very CDish … :smiley:



What sort of chariot do normal Dwarfs use? Normal Dwarfs are never mounted, Chaos Dwarfs version of being “mounted” is being a Bull Centaur.

I would think you’d either

1) Have a chariot pulled by Bull Centaurs who would also count as part of the crew


2) Have a mechanical demonic chariot


A chaos dwarf chariot for a race is a peculiar thing, would they build a “traditional chariot” for honours sake or would it be steam powered juggernaut or a variation on the steam tank, in the rules I have the skaven doomwheel can race, and after a quick glance the demonic chariots from the storm of chaos could also race. hell there could even be a hobgoblin chariot, its the ideas and rules i’m after

@zanko good find would that have a steam canon or a larger blunderbuss, and would movement be restricted due to the weight?

@borador looks wise to be pulled by bull centaurs would be awesome but ( and just trying to think thru the pros and cons of all ideas) would bull centaurs allow themselves to be seen pulling a chariot?

@hobgoblyn yep dwarfs are never mounted but they have a juggernaut

and so they do have transport of some sort, but would it be slave pulled powered ,mechanical/ steam powered or demonic

@razzouth i like the feel of something that noone can see inside and has an air of mystery, can you elaborate on the conversions as it still has a 40k feel to it

Hashut’s Blessing:

Several options and I presume you want to use only Citadel miniatures and scratch building/sculpting.

If this is the case, you could have a Juggernaught of Khorne/Ironback Boar (or two)/Great Taurus/loads of hobgoblins or greenskins pulling it (wouldn’t be fast but would be fitting), with a chariot made int he same manner as the Khornate Daemon Chariot from Storm of Chaos (painted more suitably with CD decorations). Then, have a sorcerer or slavedriver in it.

You could go the daemonology route and have it be propelled by a motor, but then you have to decide how to create the motor, if it would be like a car or a robot pulling it, like a rickshaw or what. This is my least favourite idea.

Lastly, you could have a whirlwind/tenderiser. I would say whirlwind out of the two, as it can attack the other chariots by running next to them.

let me know what ya go with, I’m eager to see :wink:

black hammer:

Aren’t we just talking about deamoneater here? or does that not really count as a chariot?

And where did you get that awsome chariot Zanko?


I like the idea of a heavy chariot drawn by to great weapon wielding centaurs… But something in the line of a slower tank like construction might be more fitting for our CD’s


And where did you get that awsome chariot Zanko?

black hammer
This is a Rackham model! A chariot of the Tir-Na-Bor dwarfs!

They do not longer produce them - I bought that model some time ago here:

Ludik Bazar

but I don't know if they have any of this models left - just take a look! ;)



Well, the bull centaurs might if they would get a part of the spoils? Or if they would be commanded by one of the high priests or something, if you see them as athletes instead of animals they might just do it, at least IMO


Okay, I have it.

Normal Chariot

Pulled by 2 Bull Centaurs with light armor and great weapons.

Ridden by 1 apprentice sorcerer (normal Chaos Dwarf stats, no extra wounds or ability to take magic items) who is armed with light armor and a hand weapon. The apprentice sorcerer can can the Fireball spell but it is only successfully cast on a 8+ rather than a 5+ like normal.

End result is a unique Chariot that is reasonably equivalent to a chariot ridden by 3 Dwarf crew with hand guns.


When I think of the CD and their created industrial wasteland, I think of things that live in desert-like environments - for exampe, maybe a chariot being pulled by a giant gila monster http://www.cryptomundo.com/wp-content/uploads/gila-monster-hissing.jpg or something like that…


Aren't we just talking about deamoneater here?  or does that not really count as a chariot?

black hammer
yeah, what about mealzches chariot?


From what I’ve seen all chaos dwarf transport/things with wheels are either pushed by bull centaurs (juggernaut, whirlwind & pulverizer) or powered by daemons (hellcannon). I think the former would work best.


M-A-S-S-I-V-E deamonic tank thing pulled by giant boars?

how bout it? :stuck_out_tongue:


I personally don’t think Bull Centaurs would allow themselves to be harnessed to pull somebody else along. And CDs would be cooler with a Tank-thing anyways.


how about starting with this Game Zone model?


as far as I know, the spinning blade mechanism is a Da Vinci design. I wonder where the chaos guys got it…


Are you trying to say that Da Vinci was a cleric of chaos? hmm… probably :smiley:

Those horses on that chariot might make an awesome base for a converted Bull centaur in choas armour