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So I am starting to think about baseing my CDs’ as well as color schemes. I do have Tamrakaun(sp?) and all of the fluff therein. I do not have a copy of the original CD book. Is there much fluff or description of the environment (aside from lava)? If so can some one shoot me a scan of the fluff or direct me to a PDF version of the book. I prefer not to mess with torrents because I always seem to have a problem with those. Or perhaps even have a copy of the book to lend out?


I do not own White Dwarf presents: Chaos Dwarfs. But if you are asking about giving your minis nice bases than I might be able to help. The Dark lands aren’t just a huge mass of volcanic cinders. For instance:

Zorn Uzkul: a plateau littered with gigantic bones. I imagine it like dark brown earth full of fossils, more or less like Ravenwood’s bases.

The Plain of Bones: explains itself. Litter your bases with bones & skulls! Just remember that this place is fairly close to Nagash’s lair and Ghoul cities… So you can add some Vampire counts or Tomb Kings bits to your bases.

Mountain of Mourn & far north: SNOW!!! Maybe some thin, twisted, creepy tree pocking out of the earth. Or rocky spurs. Check out Bassman and Ghrask Dhrag blogs for inspiration.

Settlements: Zharr Naggrund, Uzkulak etc. Decorate your bases with mine cart tracks, tiles, chains, spikes and so on.

Ruins: as the above, just in a ruined state. You can cover your ruins in ash, show piping, create cracked-collapsed pavimentation etc. Grimstonefire’s blog (and mine) show some ruins.

The howling/blasted wastes: windswept plains. Check out these awesome bases. And maybe add geysers.

Near the World’s Edge Mountains: A regular earth & grass base would do!

Here are a couple of useful links for inspiration:
The Dark Lands map
Google Image 1
Google Image 2

Finally, don’t forget that a volcano usually is full of colorful crystals. Now, an army full of crystals giving colorful OSL effects would be absolutely brilliant!


Awesome! Thanks for all of the awesome links and extra details!