[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Grenadiers


Ok so This is just the general Idea but has anyone else noticed that the Grenadiers in 300 look like Chaos Dwarfs. Or was that just me?

anyway I was just thinking which is usually dangerous :idea another unit similar to Annihilators but more used in conjunction with. this is keeping with the Indy GT Dwarfs of Chaos book

              M   WS   BS   S   T   W   I   A   Ld

Grenedier  3     4     3    3   3    1   2   1   9

Slaver      3     4     3    3   3    1   2   2   9


Hand Weapon

Heavy Armour


Armour Peircing

Special Rules:

Slave Lords


Short Fuse

Scouts(Optional at +?/model)

Grenado:  Thrown Weapon - Range: 8" Strenght: 3 Armour Peircing

roll to hit, for each hit roll a D3 see how many wounds are caused then roll to wound as normal.

Short Fuse: Grenadiers are eithervery brave or very stupid they deal with very unstable substances that could explode at anytime. Any rolls of a 1 in the shooting or close combat phase means the Grenadier held onto the Grenado for too long and it explodes in his hand, the Unit takes 1 wound for each roll of a 1

Thats my thought of a complimentary unit to what I saw in the Indy GT Dwafs of Chaos Army Book. They have the Sneaky Gitz to Scout but this unit is more along the lines of the Dwarf Rangers