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how can i get warriors as good as this?

Kera foehunter:

need help to see what your looking for ??

i don’t know what your warrior looks like to defined as good

Hashut’s Blessing:

squig1, I’m afraid the picture isn’t showing, so I can’t actually tell you. Try to edit the post with a new picture so that we can see what you mean and help out.


i updated it

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Ahh! Bjorni’s dwarfs - yeah - don’t we all love those? :smiley:

Model vice it’s regular dwarf warriors (not those BfSP ones). Heads and weapon’s comes from the Warriors of Chaos - and shields are from the Marauders of Chaos.

So it’s basically a simple head/weapon swap.

- but the beards - you’ll have to use model putty for those - like Green Stuff.

You can see Bjorni’s WIP BC’s at this picture to get an idea how to do it:

Btw: You’ll find the very similar dwarfs in Willmark’s (way to cool) blog


To make the warriors in the picture you will need, (depending on the unit size you want to create) 1 box of warriors of chaos, 1 box of dwarf warriors and about 20 shields from the marauder of chaos box + plus green stuff.

Take the dwarf models and cut the head off replacing it with a WOC head, then remove the standard dwarf beard with a knife and cutters and sculpt a new one from green stuff…

Next remove the weapon heads from the dwarfs weapons and replace them using the weapon heads from the WOC sprue and last attach the marauders shield like you would the normal dwarf shield and then paint.

Hope this is what you meant ? :slight_smile:


do you think i could use black orc helmets?

Border Reiver:

Honestly, BLORC helmets look too orcy to make good helmet/masks for CDs. They are too crude in appearance and also too large for the dwarf bodies to make an aesthetically pleasing model. Chaos warrior helmets are a better bet, or you can go the mask route, by carving away the Dwarf warrior face and then covering your surgery with the skull face marauder shoulder pad.


do you think i could use black orc helmets?

of course you can/could use them.. although it might stretch your modeling capabilities, but there is nothing stateing you can't.. /wink

Kera foehunter:

you could use 5 addition britonians helmets too