[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Lord Finishes Great in 25th Ann. Voting!

Viskar Zhragoth:

Everyone, I am brand new to this website, and I am totally inspired by all of the pics of the gorgeous minis everyone has posted!

I can’t wait to get started on my own! :slight_smile:

But I wanted to congratulate everyone on the voting for the 25th anniversary voting for best miniature ever. It looks like the Chaos Dwarf Lord came in 8th worldwide, 6th in USA, and I noticed #1 in Canada and Australia (Xander’s extra votes I’m sure ;-0 ) :cheers

I don’t know if this is news to everyone, but it just came in an email this morning from GW!

Check it out!~ http://25th.ne.warhammer.com:80/

And thanks, after just a few short days of looking, you guys have all inspired me to play the Dawi Zahrr again! And Xander, love the videos! And I like the enthusiasm everyone shows on the site. Thanks and keep it up! :hat off


Great! And the Hellcannon in place 18! :cheers:


Hopefully that sends out the right message to GW. People love us!

turquois dwarf:

on the candian site i noticed the quote said “its the first step to bringing chaos dwarfs back” was that someone on here. if GW showed this does it mean they are thinking about it sooner!!?


WOOHOO! This is great news!! :cheers

I wonder if everyone that voted for the Chaos Dwarf had little digs at GW in the comments section like I did. :wink:


Here’s the pic on the site. Took a ton of refreshing before I could find the image…



You guys did great! Well done every one! The quote on each page changes if you refresh! I have seen all sorts of cool Chaos Dwarf quotes! Nicely done!

Thommy H:

Here's the pic on the site. Took a ton of refreshing before I could find the image...


[[Chaos Dwarf Hero]] ;)

Thane Godri GoblinSlayer:

Are they going to recast the lord and the other favorites?


This CD lord is cool but it’s true that…

:hashut Belakor roxx! :hashut


There are a ton of quotes about it, if you repeatedly refresh the page.


The CD lord had a good showing across the entire world. In Japan he’s #1 too and in most areas he’s within the top 10.

I’m quite surprised and encouraged that there are a lot more Big Hat fetishists out there!

Kera foehunter:

yea we made it !!!


Here are the results that we got for the lord in the different countries,

France realy let us down or else we would never have been out of the top 10!

Australia 1

Canada 1

Japan 1

Italy 4


Germany 7

Spain 7

UK 8

France 13 (BOO HISS)

Hashut’s Blessing:

It’s France, so, you know. Lol, only joking everyone. I one hundred percent don’t mean that and will be insulted by any that take offence from it.

It’s good to see so much support for the Big Hat. It’s a shame that UK and France had him placed a fair bit lower, but still, he’s in the top 10 for most. Now, we wait and see if they recast him.