[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Lord on Great Taurus


Whats everyones views on Chaos Dwarf Lord on great taurus in larger games?

What are the best weapons and armour to equip him with?

Hashut’s Blessing:

Personally, I haven’t played a larger game, but would experiment with using 1+AS and the 70 point magic weapon. Or, perhaps use the 100 point weapon (can’t remember what it does or any of the items names, but remember that I thought the 100point weapon was quite good) with heavy armour and shield. Probably the first one though.


i used to play the armor of Gaz + GW…
havent dusted him off in 7th…

the taurus lord is not really soemthing to be feared…
consider him an annoyance character that the enemy cannot ignore…
if your taurus spends the whole game hopping out of the charge arc of XXX uber unit with general…
then he has doen his job…


I was hoping for him for get into close combat with a dark elf lord on dragon…

Hashut’s Blessing:

I wouldn’t recommend that. The dragon is likely to rip the taurus to shreds.


yeah… you’ll be dissapointed with our lords performance in CC…
remember hes only a 120 point model… an exalted Champ is a 100 point model… and thass a hero level character…

now against RnF he’ll certainly do damage… rank breaking and all that…
but up against other lord level fighty characters?.. well thass what artillery is for…


I�ve played 60+ games with the lord on taurus and I think that he is the best part in the list along side small hobbo regiments and the earthshker.

He denies close to 450 points. The Taurus is significantly underpriced. Apart from BCs he is the only thing in the list that is fast and hard hitting in order to finish off the stuff that got weakend by blunderbuss/warmachine fire. Combine the shaker with the flying movement to get behind the enemy and reduce infantry regiments to 2" a turn. There is no need to fight killy characters. Bind those with cheap fodder units and reduce their regiments with shoozing until they can no longer afford to charge your blocks due to passive combat resolution.

I give him the armor of the furnace as well as the black hammer. Treeman get reduced to cinder on the charge or hide the whole game in a wood.


well i think we agree itz not a combat king…

the movement is what makes it remarkable…

like a terror causing gyrocopter… with flank charging posibilites…


If equipped with the Black Hammer the Lord and his mount have 8 St6 attacks on a 50mm frontage. That�s pretty good imho. I agree that you can�t charge him into everthing there is on the second turn and hope to win but as you said if he charges something in the flank he is devastating and with 8 S6 attcks he can even afford to charge units without character support and huge combat res in the front.


I agree with the Black Hammer + Armour Setup, because then not only can he happily take down cavalry and units with a flank charge, he can wreak havoc among Wood Elf armies with Treemen.

Seriously, those things are nasty, but 4 Attacks hitting on 4s, Wounding on 4s, instakill? That terrifies those walking matches.


but this is army specific…

i just find dropping more than 400 points for what essentially amounts to an annoyance unit excessive…
armor of gaz, sword of might (maybe)… or great weapon (more likely)…
against most armies itz a -1 S and loss of ward… but +2AS for 60 points less (this is the cost of your general)…


i also use the black hammer + armour of the furnace

Ad if u keep u BSB with in range he can charge almost anything and hold (with Ld 10 and re-oll it’s not that dangerus to lose with 1-2)

and don’t forgeth Tomb kings are flammeble too


My Lord never leaves home without a Great Taurus (Or the +2S treeman killer). He can perform a multitude of tasks.

* 8 S6 Attacks = dead light cav, skirmishers, medium knights (boar boys, silver helms, saurus cav)

* Flying terror and then torch the ememy.

* Toughness 5, LD 10 added with a good save (I usualy take the 4+ save, 5+ ward) means he can act as a tarpit.

* Flank and Rear charges

* Protect a flank - CDs are most effective IMO when they deploy with a refused flank so when you deploy Taurus Lord and a unit of 6x3 Blunderbuss on one flank you can safely castle up.

I’m sure theres more too… the Taurus is extremely underpriced for what it does.


I use it because the miniature looks good.

Sorry if thats a bit less analytical then you were hoping for :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a bad habit of selecting my armies based on what I like looking at on the tabletop.

Hashut’s Blessing:

What’s the point of having a winning army that is aesthetically disgusting? Who would want to win WITHOUT style? Who would bother playing with an army they think is awful to look at? Who would play against someone that powergames and to top it off has an ugly army? Taurus is excellent IMO.

Father Grumpmas:

You guys are getting me keen to dust off my half finished Taurus!

I’m still suffering a bit from “Black Orc Down” syndrome - perfectly innocent Black Orc Lord on happy go-lucky wyvern being shot down repeatedly by cowardly skinks and cruel eyed elfs.


yeppers… the less point you can get away with losing when they shoot him down the better…


Ah, Gorgoth fed well tonight. Gorgoth is my Taurus and for me not to run him is heresy against the Father of Darkness himself. I played a 2000pt game tonight gainst Beastmen and slaughtered half his army. My opponent used Morghur and he was, as my club puts it, raped terribly :stuck_out_tongue: . He might be able to spawn me, but enough str 6 attacks and he is gonna die. His rider is with the BHoH, AotF, and shield. Simply good enough for me…


I agree with HB. Whats the point in winning if you dont have SOME huge monster made of fire.