[Archive] Chaos Dwarf (me) VS Orc and Goblins


THis is an old Battle report i posted on the other chaos dwarf forum i’ll just move it over here to those who have not seen it before.

Game is 4th game in a tournement, i had just lost (alot) to a Chaos Deamon Nurgle army and came up against orc and goblins.

Bull centaur Lord @263

Shield, Black Hammer, Armour of the Furnace

Bull centaur Hero @ 175

BSB, Armour of Gazrakh, sword of might

Sorcerer @ 115

2 x Dispel magic scrolls

Sorcerer @ 90

Dispel magic scroll


22 x Chaos dwarf Warriors @ 253

Full Command, war banner

12 x Blunderbusses @ 144

10 x Chaos dwarf Warriors @120

great weapons, champion

25 x Hobgoblins @ 60



25 x Orc Boyz @ 180

Shields, command

Death Rocket @ 80

2x Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower @ 60

2x Hobgoblin Bolt Thrower @ 60


6 x Bull centaur @ 181

Heavy armour, Standard, musician, great weapons

Volands venators @ 219

+ 1 extra


Black orc warlord

slaggas sword, ?? boar


spirit totem

Goblin boss

one hit wunda, wolf

1.level shaman 2xscroll

25 x orc boyz

full command, shields

25 x big uns orc boyz

full command, shields

25 x Night goblins

full command, shields, nets

25 x savage orc boyz

full command, ad choppa

5 x wolves, spear, musician

5 x wolves, spear, musician

5 x savage orc boar boyz

full command, warbanner

2 x spear chukka

2 x goblin chariot

doom diver

Turn 1

O&G Get first turn and pass all ano tests. all move forward, no deads from magic/shooting.

CD also pass all ano tests. The BC lord charge the wolves who flee into the wolf chariots and die. Voland move to flank savege orcs, BB’s move forward, BC’s move so they can counter charge the chariots if they charge my BC lord.

No magic but the Death rocket hit the doom diver and kill 2 crew. Bolts target the chariots but no hits.

Turn 2

O&G big uns scrubble, but the savage orc boar boyz with his warboss roll 6 and move so they are in charge range of my BC lord (that’s bad) Night goblins also roll 6 and move forward. Goblin chariots and the savage orc boar charge my BC lord who flee. Night goblins fail to charge my Orc boyz. He also move his Wolfs to block voland. Rest move forward, no magic, shooting doom diver kill a few BB’s.

CD pass ano tests. My Orc boyz can’t flank charge his savage orc’s because of his night goblins so i charge both orcs and my BSB in the Night gobs. My BC Lord is in trouble so i charge the savage orc boar boyz with the BC’s (i hope they could hold 1 turn so i could flank with the orc’s and rally the BC lord, Voland charge wolfs. BC lord rallies and turn to face the goblin chariots. BB’s march move in front of thr savage orc’s and the sneaky hobgoblins move to flank them. No magic. Shooting bolts kill one chariot, rest miss.

CC The BC’s kill all 5 savage orc boar boyz, the Black orc warboss in return kill 4 BC’s but lose the combat and run - The too last BC’s run faster and continue into the orc unit. The big warrior unit and the Orc’s Win against the Night goblins and my orc’s run into his orc boyz (with BC’s) night goblins escape. Cd warriors chose to hold so they don’t get flanked by his big uns. Voland kill 4 wolfs last one brake. Voland want to hold but fail his Ld test and run in so Savage orc’s can see corner of the unit behind the BB’s.

Turn 3

O&G Goblin chariot charge THe BC lord, Savage orc boyz charge BB’s who flee. No magic, Shooting: bolt trower get a flank shoot on voland and kill 3 knights (so now ther last 3 are in flank of the savage orc’s)

CC my orc’s and last BC’s brake and kill his orc’s, The goblin chariot only roll 1 impact hit, but the goblin crew make a wound on the BC lord (before he takes his Mighty hammer and chop it)

CD Voland and hobgobins flank charge the savage orc’s. The Orc’s and BC’s turn to face his war machines, My BC lord join the big Warrior unit and turn to face his big uns. No magic / shooting kill a few big uns.

CC Voland kill the goblin boss in a challege and they win the combat Savage orc’s brake and get run down.

Turn 4

O&G big uns charge CD warriors (Now with lord and bsb) night goblins rallies. Doom diver kill the last 2 BC’s.

CC The BC lord kill the Black orc BSB and he lose alot, brake and get run down (the speedy dwarfs roll 9 against his 7)

CD voland charge bolt trower, orc’s charge night goblins, bsb charge bolt trower and BC lord charge doom diver. CC i Winn all combats and game is over (can’t catch the shaman in the wood anyway)

result 2300p - 181p to the CHAOS DWARFS!!!


Awesome! too funny that you posted this now as I just played a 1000 point game against a goblin army and completely trashed his forces… destroyed or routed everything off of the table (except for 1 fanatic who was still spinning when we called the game after turn 4. He destroyed my tenderizer, and killed 4 warriors and a crewmember to a bazuka team! Me thinks the Darwi Zharr like to crush the greenskins hahahaahha