[Archive] Chaos Dwarf & Minotaur?


Well, I just had a strange thought, and I’m fairly sure it hasn’t been discussed before…

What is the Chaos Dwarf opinion of Minotaurs? Are they viewed as abominations, as they are an unpure vision of their god? Or are they admired, for being in the image of their god?

I’m not too sure which way I would swing for this, but I have a strange desire to convert a minotaur squad as an ogre choice… Hmm, if only I had more time…

So, your thoughts please


I always thought it would be kind of cool to have a unit of red skinned Minotaurs, and use some kind of Ogre rules to represent them. The problem is that I don’t much care for the GW minotaur models. :confused:


I thought about this too but in the end dropped it as the army would become too much Hordes of Chaos like.

However you do have a point (and thought a bit further than me) that do Chaos Dwarfs regard them as images of their god (where my thinking stopped) or are they impure. Now that last one gives it a nice twitch.

I wouldn’t put Minotaurs in my list as I’ll go for the second option you stated, however a unit of mechanized Daemon powered Minotaurs (or atleast in that image like) does sound cool!

Maybe turn it into a poll with the two options above and a third stating something else?

Thommy H:

I think, in Warhammer fluff, Minotaurs are just big beastmen, aren’t they? I know the Mordheim minotaur doesn’t look like a bull, just a tall, muscular Gor or something. In other words, I don’t think they’re “bulls” for a special reason, any more than beastmen are “goats” for a special reason. Following that logic, they wouldn’t be of any special significance to Hashut and Chaos Dwarfs - at least, no more than ordinary cattle are I guess.


well you have hit on an interisting note.

in bloodbowl it is noted that Minotaur’s are in the chaos dwarf ranks, and they are used in heavy duty tasks, they share several traits, greed, power and the likeness of booze.

are Minotaur’s simply mutated bull’s? or are they blessed and sent by hashut himself, the truth is chaos dwarfs dont care, they just fill the ranks during times of war, as long you feed a Minotaur he will fight for you.

so if you want a Minotaur unit, go ahead just use dow ogre ironguts rules, just remember to feed them, but theres lots of dead slaves they can munch on, i think it will add charcter to the army


Yo could try to icorporate some in dogs of war.

turquois dwarf:

my friend is going to colect beasts of chaos with a doombull leader. we are using minotaurs as a good excuse to ally


It has indeed been discussed before, I’ll find the link

Kera foehunter:

i think they are cool .but they are not very navy


How about slave minotaurs? maybe druged up crazed loaded up with armour and sent running forward into the enemy!


How about slave minotaurs? maybe druged up crazed loaded up with armour and sent running forward into the enemy!

i dont think they need drugs :o i think you have over estimated the bulls mentality


True, true.

As for the look of the new minotaurs, I agree, they are not the same as the minotaur from classic mythology, but the model that actually put me in mind was one of the old Warhammer Quest plastic minotaurs, which have a very strong bull look.

Gil^ - Thats a good point about the Blood Bowl team, I had forgotten that they were used in CD teams.


i could see a connection to chaos dwafs

especially the one with the mechanical eye

Hashut’s Blessing:

This has been brought up many, many times. I’d find some links, but I’m far too tired. Minotaurs are minions of the Chaos gods. They are charged with protecting the sacred areas of the Chaos gods. The Chaos dwarfs view them as abominations and find them an affront to Hashut.

Having said that (which is fact, I just cannot find the energy to find citations), I think a unit of bioengineered/construct-minotaurs would be fitting. Almost daemons of Hashut, but not daemons in any way, shape or form (it’s not an are that I like :smiley: ). Make a unit and show us how it looks! I’d say use the Ogre Bulls rules. If you want them stronger/toughr, make them Maneaters or just better armoured/statues, make them Ironguts.


I can’t remember there being any written information about how CDs regard minotaurs, so if you can find it somewhere it would be helpful.

Thommy H:

I don’t see why they’d find them abominations - if Minotaurs are an affront to Hashut then so are cows.

Kera foehunter:

I like your thinking HB Deamon of hashut

i like your using the ogre rules

Hashut’s Blessing:

Topmmy H. Incorrect, minotaurs are a creation of Chaos, from which hashut has attempted to disassociate himself and are very u-Hashuty, whereas cows are not a part of Chaos and are less unHashuty.

cornixt, I’m pretty sure it was on HoH or at least I read it whilst I was an ardent poster on their forums…

Kera foehunter:

kera helps H.B. C3PO WHERE ARE YOU !!!

C3po come back  Master Hashut"s  Blessing  Don’t you mean Tommy H. is Incorrect

Hashut’s Blessing:

Actually, it may have needed to be a comma, but I was intending it to be a new sentence, directed at Tommy H.

Your services, needed here are not. For the offer, 3PO, many thanks.