[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Models from UK GD


Sorry if there is already a thread about this around but I couldn’t see one and thought people may be interested in seeing some of the new Chaos Dwarf models that were on display at the UK GD today:

Also I have the original much bigger files of all of these pictures so if anyone wants close ups or larger pics etc just let me know.


These are some great pics, thanks for taking the time spikedog!


Thanks for sharing these. I so want to go to GD one day. It is on my list of things to do, before I die. :slight_smile: Again thanks for sharing.


Some more lovely photo’s. You managed to capture the detail really well. That’s my new favorite Taurus with rider photo.


You’ve done well, my thanks added.


Awesome pics. Thanks a lot!

BTW what is the skullcracker? Don’t remember seeing it in the list…


Definitely worth some slaves, I feel.


Great pictures. Those guys on foot are great, I love both of them :smiley:


Fantastic pictures much better than the ones I took on my phone :slight_smile:


Thanks for the slaves all!

I posted these quickly after going to bed last night (4 hours of driving took it out of me) but this morning I sat down and cropped out some of the detail that maybe you can’t really make out in the above pics:

The Bale Tarus Lord (Drazhoath the Ashen):

The only differences I could see between his Bale Tarus model and the one that has already been released were these little cages on it that housed some slaves:

And the crew of the Skullcracker which I thought looked pretty awesome:

Also Isoulle, the Skullcracker is the variation of the Iron Demon, it replaces the cannonade with the contraption you see there and causes more damage in impact hits and thunderstomp. Plus it looks cool and smashes lesser races!


The Bale Taurus models are two different sculpts with different poses though based from a common original master.

The Sculptor (who’s name escapes me) said that this was done in order to allow one army to field 2 taurus models (the special character and a normal Lord) without them looking like clones.

One other thing he said was the reason they have not yet done Hobgoblin cavalry is that they are waiting to see what GW do with the goblin wolves and then trying to do something with that. They don’t want to make a rider for a mount which may become discontinued. A full resin cavalry model may become a reality but only once the the direction GW take with the wolves becomes apparent.



Hashut’s Blessing:

One of the reasons that Taurus looks a little different is the way it’s attached to the base - by the front hooves instead of flatly horizontal on a flying stick. But it hasn’t had a heck of a lot changed - fine by me.

The crew of the skullcracker look like the faces are exactly the same, which feels a little lacklustre, considering they’re from a company specialising in unique looking models.

Still, always cool to see the new stuff!

Pyro Stick:

Thanks for the new skullcracker pics and the painted sorceror prophet (?). Are there any pics of that guy from the back? Im looking forward to those two footed characters the most. Ive still got to decide between the iron deamon and the skullcracker though. Im leaning towards the skullcracker at the moment because its just so over the top and imo is an updated version of the whirlwind/tenderisers.


And the crew of the Skullcracker which I thought looked pretty awesome

Yeah they don't look very friendly.


wow…they look totally awesome

once again the taurus is not my cup of tea,but the cd are ace


I will definitely get the 2 characters they are amazing.

^^ Needs bigger hat ^^ But ohhh boy what a sculpt, Perhaps the most badass mini’s ive seen, His left hand needs lightning!!! “ULTIMATE POWEEERR!!”


These are supposedly getting released as a pack not individually (this is what I was told by Edgar Skomorowski)




These are supposedly getting released as a pack not individually (this is what I was told by Edgar Skomorowski)



I don't mind if they come as a pack, They would both find a place, Truly fantastic sculpts.


I agree… Fantastic miniatures. Can’t wait till they can join my horde they look like they’ll be great to paint!


I think I must be the only person who doesn’t like the ‘The Ashen’ miniature.  The other CDs look great (not sold on the machines though), but he just doesn’t work for me at all.