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Hi !

I just began to get some FW CD and before painting my army I am still looking for a "fluffy painting style " .

I don’t really know the CD background but I heard that chaos dwarf sorcerer for instance used to turn into stone after a long time .

So I just wondered if it would choc you - in term of fluff- if you could see a CD sorcerer with his skin with this kind of “texture”

A =  CoolMiniOrNot - Eldar Avatar from Forge World by Bohun

B = CoolMiniOrNot - Forgeworld Eldar Avatar by Brokenblade

C = CoolMiniOrNot - Eldar Avatar detailed by Jaume

Wich one would fit the best ?

By the way if it could fit , is it something we could see over Hellsmith character , or basics Chaosdwarf ?

I’m still wondered if a kind a “shiny” chaos dwarf army scheme would be something fluffy too , or they are described / seen as all the scheme we used to see , and nothing in the background would allow me to do something very “shiny”.

(I’m not interested in painting them with a tzeench/slaanesh/khorn/nurgle scheme .)

I just want to do something fluffly but quite uncomon/unseen .

Sorry for all my mistakes :s Hope there are not so much .

Thanks !


A is very suitable, C less so and B would be more for daemons and k’daai (actually, C would be good for them too)

See those models makes me realise how much the standard of painting has gone up in the last 10 years.

Grimbold Blackhammer:

My first throught when I saw your idea was not just no but “hell no”. But the more I thought about it, I could see a chaos dwarf Sorcerer-prophet or perhaps a Deamonsmith using the molten skin idea. But even then you’d have to pull it off well or I think it will just come out looking silly. And I don’t think I’d paint the entire army that way (it’s not like you can see the mini’s faces on the new models anyway…). They’re your models so by all means give it a try. If it works - great! If it doesn’t, re-prime and start over =)


When speaking of background, I can see it happen to Sorcerers if they use a lot of Fire magic. This is Warhammer and this is Chaos, after all. In Warhammer, cursed ships rot away so that damned souls can carry ghastly versions of them across the seas to hunt the living. Yes, carry. As such, it’s mainly a matter of imagination. A whole force of Chaos Dwarfs with molten skin is plausible. It could be a lost army returned from the Warp or some mystic dungeon of Hashut. It could be gifted warriors or the unfortunate guinea pigs of some powerful Sorcerer. It could be dead Chaos Dwarfs, reanimated by a searing ritual.

Aesthetically I’ll say “Do it”. My brother recently painted a CD with glowing eyes for Golden Hat XV, which looked neat. I’ll use that idea for my Infernal Guards in the future. I can only see B and C of your links, but personally I’d have gone with B.

Besides, FW have done a painting of some kind of Fire Sorcerer. Note the lava arm.

As for the shiny colour scheme, it isn’t wrong at all. Old school big hats often had clear and colourful schemes such as red/blue, and some Sorcerers are bound to be pedant and to like shiny stuff. The will of the Dawi Zharr leaders will determine their armed forces’ appearance. If a Sorcerer wants every CD to carry big hats, then they’ll carry big hats. If he want all-masks on his underlings, then it will be all-masks. Here is a recent example of a quite shiny colour scheme.


Thanks a lot for your answers .
I think I’ll do it on some of my characters when I’ll have enough time and I’ll show you how it turn out .

EDIT : By the way , Big Hats Big Beard and sometmes carpets are words I have seen to describe some CD sorcerer .
I don’t know why but it’s make me think to Iznogoud (some of you may no him ) .
An arabian style CD traders/army (with “magic carpet” palanquin on taurus/lamasu , pillows ) sounds you stupid ? (sounds stupid to you -don’ know- ).

Cheers !