[Archive] Chaos dwarf names(1)


In some army blogs at least heroes get names. The names differ a lot :hat, some are purely fiction, others come from different cultural backgrounds.

Do chaos dwarfs keep the name giving from their former people? Or did they change tradition and create a new one?

This link leads to a list of babylonian names:

20000-NAMES.COM: Male Babylonian Names, page 1 of 4--meaning, origin, etymology


Here’s a link to our CDO wiki and the llist of names. It contains every chaos dwarf name used, through all editions of Warhammer. And there you’ll see there’s no real logic in the names. It just needs to sound evil.

CDO wiki name list.

And then people get inspired by persian, babylonian names or names from khazakstan.


The wiki…again;)

edit: Great, especially the name generator.


The wiki...again;)

It's like Walmart - it has everything!


The Khaozalid Dictionary can be favourably used for creating names :hat off