[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Ogre by AoW


The new guy at AoW Marc Iglesias is really let loos.


Look at that gut plate - almost a chaos dwarf (skull mask, beard and tusked teeth) :smiley:

Now, give that guy a hat (did I really say that) - and you have the perfect Chaos Dwarf Ogre.

More found here (in Spanish): Arena Deathmatch

Da Crusha:

definitely a very cool model, hes buff too so thats especially cool. and the gut plate is wicked!!


Really cool. Put a Minotaur head on that and some hooves…

Only dislike is the “2D pose”. Typical fit-in-mould pose. Not good.


That’s awesome although almost a direct copy of GW’s Ogres (face atleast), I wonder why he doesn’t get into trouble?

I couldn’t care less though don’t get me wrong. If it was up to me I’d let Felix run the design studio…


The reason why is because of the fairly loose IP policies GW has (as I read on Dakka from a company that consulted an IP solicitor).  Basically GW own the IP to complete models, and to images of complete models.

They do not own the IP to every single component part, or in this case the face of an ogre.

Hence why you see companies releasing ork heads, space marine inspired shoulder pads, alternate rhino doors etc.

I like the model generally, except the hands (pointing at an awkward angle), and the head (needs a helmet). Neither of these would stop me buying it though, if I were so inclined.


Nice mini but not outstanding!

I’m a little bit disappointed - the pose is oldfashioned and the gut plate with the blades isn’t the best idea … looks very impractical!

But perhaps the mini will become better in the next rework!



hm yeah, he definately is kind of cool! very chaotic but blank enough to add some own stuff. unfortunately I have no use for him :frowning:

By the way, the face really looks like GW ogre ^^


wow,really like that guy

that guy makes me think of starting an ogre unit…or i´ll use him as a cool unit filler


almost exactly what I need for a certain project…


Whoa not a 40 year old guy with a beer gut ! gotta respect that ! But Ill admit I am not a big fan of ogres in general but that ones nice.