[Archive] Chaos dwarf - pirates


Then I sawed the new model of chaos dwarf in warcry team. I start to think about chaos dwarf - pirates. I remember the ship from deadfleet.

So I wanted  to do something like that ship.

And now, then I have a lot of time, during the corona vacation, I start with some drowning. This is not my strong side.


And 2 days of sculpt give me that monster.


That is an amazing concept start there, Rozmax! Looks really neat. Great detailing and texture effect as well. I am especially thrilled to see you turn to nautical and piratical concepts (near and dear to my heart).

May I please ask you to copy this thread over to our new Chaos Dwarfs Online forum? It uses Discourse software, which makes direct image upload simple: https://discourse.chaos-dwarfs.com/c/miniature-showcase/5

We’re soon going to announce the new forum loud and widely once some more bits are in place, but almost all activity has moved over there already, and we got to have you onboard as well, best master sculptor. :hat off