[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Radio: Episode 5 - New 30 Minute Format


Chaos Dwarf Radio #5
Monday, December 7th, 2009
New 30 Minute Format! Special Guest: Swissdictator
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Hello again! The Podcast is back with a new format. We're going to try and get out a monthly Podcast from now on that is 30 minutes in length. We will be recording on the first Monday of each month and once edited, the Podcast will appear online. This episode was recorded on December 7th.  In the new format, we talk about News for 15 minutes, and then we talk about our Topic of the Month. At the end of the show we announce the new Topic of the Month for the next Podcast. The idea being that everyone can discuss next month's topic here, and then we'll discuss what was said and bring on a guest to talk about the topic.

Today's Hosts Include: Xander, Hashut's Blessing, and Swissdictator.

Show Links:
- Beasts of War - On the Table
- Scibor Miniatures - Moscals
- Avatars of War - Minotaur
- Games Workshop - Chaos Dwarfs
- Border Town Burning - Competition

Topic of the Month - January to February:
Fan Created Army Lists
How do you feel about Fan Created Army Lists? What are your thoughts on the existing fan lists?  Use this thread to discuss January's Topic of the Month, and in February we'll discuss it on the show.

If you have any questions of the new format, ask away!


Wonder if my automatic iTunes subscription still works :wink:

Looking forward to hear what you guys have to say


EDIT: It did - miraculously :smiley:


Yep, I updated the RSS feed, so subscriptions should automatically pick it up. :slight_smile:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Excellent :smiley: I’m gald to see that this is up and I hope there are many eager ears to listen. I’m also hoping that people like the new format as well as the content, of course.

EDIT: I’m getting 404 errors when I try to click the links and I get other errors when I try to save target as…


Excellent work Gentlemen!


Hurray, a new podcast! continues listening

Ishkur Cinderhat:

Great! Keep them coming! :hat off


Thanks for the comments, everyone.

Uzkul Werit:

Do we post in this topic to discuss the fan lists?