[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Radio without Xander

Hashut’s Blessing:

Unfortunately, Xander is missing in action at the present moment. We’re unsure of when he shall be returning and, rather than cluttering up the CDR thread, I decided to make a poll here.

As the options state, would you like the podcast to go on another temporary hiatus, be hosted by just myself or have a temporary guest host (possibly Swissdictator, although others may put themselves forwards)?

I’d also like to see reasons if you have any :wink:


Guest Host.

Think back when Johnny Carson did the tonight show, on many of his off days others filled in.

When Letterman had his heart problem a few years ago they put in several guest hosts to fill in unit he was healthy and returned.


I can take care of the editing I think in Garage Band on my Mac. Its not the  best application in terms of my own proficiency  but I understand it enough to be able to edit the casts. I think that monthly would be murder as well.

Bear in mind I’m now responsible for updating the site which I’m learning but is going slow in terms of me getting up to speed.

I’d say we do it, but monthly could be tough.

So my vote is for temporary guest host for know until the picture becomes clearer.


Hey Guys, here are some things that happened to me in since the new year:

-Moved to a new place with my GF, Steph.
-Started 3 University courses
-Got Laid off from my job
-Got a new job!

So I have been swamped with tasks including buying furniture and assembling it, reading/studying (and doing homework! yek!), looking for work, finding work, learning how to do my new job…

It’s been a really busy new year.  But things are finally settling down for me. Hopefully we can get some other people trained up on how to edit a podcast.  That’s always what takes the most time; actually recording it never takes very long at all.

Hopefully we can get a podcast operational that doesn’t depend on me being around; just like how the site gets along fine without me! :slight_smile:


3 university courses!?  Now I’m not sure if they told you this Dave but you only have to sign up to one at a time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Damn, you must be busy.

Hashut’s Blessing:

Congratulations with all of the wonderful things and you’re too busy to need to care about the bad ones :wink:

Regardless, I can edit the podcast (I’ll do it better than I did with my video tutorial’s sound), but it’s finding the recording software (if you’d be so kind as to tell me, please, Xander?) and then figuring out how to upload it as a downloadable file.

Well, it seems that a guest host is on the cards for now, but I’ll let this run untilt he end of the month and then begin to get people to nominate themselves and vote for a candidate ASAP.


Yeah one less thing I need to do! :wink:

Hashut’s Blessing:

Always trying to make life easier.

Well, I’ve looked at the poll results and it’s fairly definitive that we will have a guest host.

I now need people to start nominating themselves for a spot on the show. First spot is for a guest host and the second spot is for the interviewed guest.