[Archive] Chaos dwarf reavers


Ive decided to create a ultimate elite unit for chaos dwarfs. I elected chaos dwarf reavers, a elite unit that guards the lords of the highest power.

So far here are my ideas:

Reavers: These weapons are crafted by the most skilled blacksmiths, and contain the souls of greater daemons. These weapons are highly deadly. I picture these as scythes, that glow with a dark aura.

A model wielding a reaver counts as having a great weapon that always strikes first. If a reaver rolls a 6 to wound, then the model wielding the reaver is able to regain all lost wounds, and the model struck is instantly killed. The instant death will not effect lords.

The models themselves have three wounds each, and a high armor save. They are also immune to psychology.

Fury of Hashut: The reavers have a fury like no other, and are able to strike at a whopping strength 5. In addition, each wound is multiplied to to two wounds.

The war enders: The reavers may be deployed on the 3rd turn, within 12 inches of your army general. They may fight for two turns, and then must leave the battle. Reavers are units of ten solid, and each model has three wounds.

These are a few ideas that popped into my head, and this unit will cost a fortune. Tomorrow, ill try writing up more rules, but for now i want to hear your ideas, and comments. Lets try building these guys together.


I like the Idea it’s rather unique. There are some(a lot of) thing which will need to be straightened out such as when they leave the battle dose the enemy gain their VP, or if the general dies

before the 3rd turn ( I suggest they arrive around the character with the next highest LD.


Way, waaaaaaaaaay over the top. Sorry.


I think what I’d do with these is;

Rename the weapon as a Reaper

Keep them 1 wound.

Models take a toughness test or suffer a wound, armour saves allowed.

Heavy armour (only, to keep the cost down a bit)

Appear as miners.

Test then at maybe 15pts/ model.

Maybe a magic banner granting 6+ regeneration, like a regiment of renown.


Grimstonefire’s idea sounds pretty good. No VC points are gained, unless they are defeated. Ill try writing up more rules today.