[Archive] Chaos Dwarf Rhinox Cavalry


The title says it all.

After some boredom-induced browsing on the Forgeworld website, I started thinking that if Ogres have them, then why wouldn’t the Chaos Dwarfs? Given the slaving, the geographic proximity to the Ogre kingdoms, etc… I think it makes a lot of sense. Plus, I think that a Chaos dwarf warlord mounted on a Rhinox would look pretty freaking cool.

So… thoughts?


Doesn’t sound unreasonable. Chaos Dwarfs did make Ghark Ironskin’s mechanical rhinox mount after all.

Then again, we make Chaos Armour but were never given the option as an upgrade for units (grumble, grumble!).

I agree, a CD Lord on a rhinox, or even a mechanical one would be great. You could easily use it as a “counts-as Great Taurus” or something similar I bet, although you’d need wings on it to really sell the idea :wink: Then again, even a unit filler or several such unit fillers could really work! Rhinox go on a 50x50 mm base, so sticking one in as a unit filler with a bunch of 20x20 mm infantry is tricky. As a Bull Centaur unit filler, no problem… but you could always make a 60x60 mm base out of plasticard and leave an inner 50x50 mm space for the Rhinox base. That way it could do double-duty as a stand-alone model counting as something else, or chuck it in as a unit filler. I’ve done that with a number of my unit fillers (variable size adapters for the bases) and it really adds some nice flexibility when you want to stretch a unit size a little bigger but don’t have the models.

Just some thoughts anyway…


Hashut’s Blessing:

As Nico has already said, we’ve made Juggernaughts, metal rhinoxes and metallic boars. Might be quite cool to have one of each in the army (devises new plans for characters).

Essentially: GO FOR IT!

Ishkur Cinderhat:

I like the idea - you could even give the rhinox a curly goatee as an extra twist :wink:

The way I always understood it, rhinoxen are such malevolent creatures that only ogres can actually tame them… so in case the mount of your chaos dwarf lord tends to be a bit stubborn, just give him a big club of sorts. ^^

Thommy H:

I think Rhinox are native to the Mountains of Mourn rather than the Dark Lands. Apparently something called a gruntalope roams the Wolf Lands and thereabouts though, at least according to the new O&G book. Not sure what they are, but they’re big enough that their hides offer a fair bit of protection.


For a second I read that as Gruffalo.


I like the idea! :smiley:

What about a Warmachine like this one?!?! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:



That’s a cool idea.

What about making a more ‘n’ shaped one over the rhinox so it looks a bit more stable.

Really like the model though, cool idea.


rhinox cavalery is a great idea for cd…in my eyes cd should be able to use almost the whole ogre kingdom list,to represent their relationship


That just made me think… Surely the CDs would have picked up/caught a few hundred gorgers by now, considering they breed pretty fast and lots of runt ogres and thrown into the Maw. I might attempt making a few conversions with them to make them more like Chaos dwarf units/fillers


I think it’s a great idea, but I do think the mechanical rhinox idea is even more appropriate. If you google image search for Ghark Ironskin, you’ll see a conversion of a mechanical rhinox using the OOP khorne juggernaut with slight conversion. It’s perfect for a mechanical rhinox! and would look badass with a CD on top!

BTW, Rhinox come on 50x100mm (chariot) bases, not 50x50.

Da Crusha:

BTW, Rhinox come on 50x100mm (chariot) bases, not 50x50.

yeah it's weird actually, in the official rules for them it specifically says they are on 50mmX50mm bases. but forgeworld released them with chariot bases.

edit* since were talking about rhinox I thought I'd repost this link on how to scratch build a rhinox. it was written by one of our members, Kyte.


I think you forgot to add the link for the scratch-built rhinox, but is it the ones where they used toy rhinos and sculpted fur onto them? Those ones look fantastic.

Maybe they were supposed to be on 50x50 bases originally, because forgeworld tends to make models on much larger base sizes than normal. Like the new nurgle ogres and trolls. Those are usually 40x40 based creatures up-scaled to 50x50 base size.

Then again, I can’t picture an ogre riding a creature who fits on a 50x50 base, though I guess the older juggernauts are 50x50 and somehow Ironhide was able to fit in that conversion. They might have elongated it though.

Da Crusha:

LOL haha, yeah I did forget . here it is guys



Sounds like a very cool idea , as CDs are a bit smaller than orges you could have 2 CDs riding one , one to control it and the other manning some sort of gun strapped to its back