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All of these rumours are unconfirmed, please check the Confirmed Rumours for more proven information.

Hopefully as 2010 draws closer we will see more rumours of an impending CD army book.

I thought it would be a good idea for us to have a thread where all these rumours are gathered together in one place.

Rumour #59

Hi guys, also new here

I’ve had my Tamurkhan since UK Games Day on the 26th September

Drazhoath The Ashen is amazing rules wise and the model is out of this world, I spent about 20 minutes talking to Steve Whitehead who did most of the sculpts for the Chaos Dwarf range.

Steve explained to me that when he was given the project of Drazhoath he was told they want a special charator on taurus and that was it. So Steve did most of the background to him to and put that across in the model. Drazhoath is very paranoid about turning into stone and has come up with an idea that will make him turn into stone alot slower. Hanging over Drazhoath Bale Taurus “Cinderbreath” is two cages with burnt Chaos Dwarves in them. What Drazhoath does it keep the dwarves in the cages until he is ready for battle then sets them a light and rides into battle with them burning alive. The demonic energy this produces is then caught in the dish that Drazhoath carries and he uses that to cast magic.

I really hope when you guys get your copy of Tamurkhan you are as happy with it as I am. I love the artwork that much I got the artists to sign some of the bits I love in mine like Rhys signed his drawing of the Chaos Siege Giant and I got Sam (Artist) and Steve (sculptor) to sign Drazhoaths page because I really do love it.

He also told me that Bull Centaurs will be out within the year (from september), the Drazhoath model will be out within 2 months of september (it has taken longer than the Taurus because he sculpted it in a material that doesnt cure and he dropped the 1st one, so had to start again). He also said that if Warhammer Forge was to do hobgoblins they would be the last thing in the Chaos Dwarf range and they don’t think they can justify Warhammer Forge prices for 4ppm models.

There is 2 Deamonsmith models and the Skullcracker which is the alternate version of the Iron Daemon still to come out.

Rumour #58

Got a reply from Ghost21
yes they will get a full list from fw not just a clan

also ive heard that mainstream gw do want to do a plastic box… so wf or fw may do those last if gw dont

hopes that helps
If this is true then this is some of the best news in a long time

Rumour #57
I just had to phone WF about some defective parts with my CD order, and had a nice little chat about what’s planned. Obviously they can’t say too much , but I did find out a few interesting things.

1.There will be another war-machine and a few characters being released in June.

2. No models are currently planned for hobgoblins.That may change at a much later date.

3. One of the characters being released in June has got the biggest hat so far regarding the new releases.

4. 2 Taurus’s will be released later this year, 1 will be mounted and the other will not be.

5. Sales so far are looking very good, some of the team were a bit sceptical about how popular CD would be, but initial sales are better than expected.

6. They plan to support CD over the long term, like they do with the DKOK and Elisians, so expect new releases right through to next year at the very least.


fluffly stuff via warseer
Rumour #56
Hi everybody!

I went to the french GD!

And there are many things to share with you!

I have forgot my camera (damn!!!), but a friend take some pics that I will share as soon as possible.

1) Miniatures : no more minis than what we can see in other GD, so that I didn’t take any pics. Some were lacking, such as the great taurus…

But CD minis are unbelievable : cute, great level of detail.

One of my favourite is the dreadquake!

CD crew are beauty, and the ogre slave is great!

2) I talked with FW people. They couldn’t tell me much but what I got :


To the question of big hat : the taller, the better you are in the CD society.

To the question of hobgoblins : surprise.

To the other ; nothing.

But they said that we shoudn’t wait all the entries in the list. So, I assume that they will make monsters and war machines (they have already done them), but if I should bid on something, I will say that no CD core units…

The CD book was there!

Yes I saw it! Not the complete throne book of tamurkhan, but I got in my hands the pdf of the CD list and fluff which will feature into it!

I was so happy:)

I take some pics, but I couldn’t have all the pages of course… But many of them…

I think that it takes 30 to 40 pages (recto). So, I assume that there won’t be a separate CD book:( But, hey, still a CD list in the Tamurkhan book!

3) Fluff : as I wanted to concentrate on the list (to play the list as soon as possible), I didn’t take time to read all the fluff, and I didn’t take any pic of the fluff part.

But, of what I read, the fluff looks like very nearly to the old one, in the old 4th edition CD book. I found the same phrases.

There was included a topic on black orcs and the revolt, and how they were fired of the CD kingdom (maybe it was written to explain why there is no more orc and BO entry in the list)

Artwork are really good, very dark style, and as technology on the characters as they can draw.

4) The list : I love the fluffy rules they give to the army!

I have many pics to share with you!:slight_smile: (soon)

The CD list is rather good. Many things look pretty optimized (as I’m a tournament player).

Lord :

The list presents only one special character, and it is not Azgor. Maybe the list lacks entry???

He is riding a better great taurus (W5), for a cost of 500 pts.

The only lord entry is sorcerer lord.

265 pts. Sorcerer lord are level 3 sorcerer AND daemonsmith.

Lore of Hashut (yes we have!), lore of fire, metal and death. No more shadow.

Daemonsmith rule : within 3 inches of warmachine, gain look out sir rule, and relance artillery or scattery dice for one warmachine.

CD need daemonsmith as some misfire are pretty strong…

You need daemonsmith in order to get some entry (kdiii, warmachines, etc…)

Fluffy rule : if miscast, another fact : 1Wound lost (without save) but gain +1T as they become to change to stone! One time for the +1 T (but not for the -1W)…

Can ride lamassu and great taurus.

Great taurus : same as before with new rule.

Lamassu : they say to refer to “storm of magic” book!

All CD characters come with the black armour for free!

Heroes :

Daemonsmith : 95 pts

level 1, fire, metal and death

Daemonsmith have an enchanted blade, they throw on the chart in order to know what is the gain (such as eternal hattred, reroll, etc…)

CD hero : 105 pts

T5 and LD 9 now

Come with the GREAT rule : Stubborn!

Hobgoblin khan : 40 pts


BC hero : I will describe them in BC units. Do not look at the older version any more!

Core units :

CD core units :

Same as before, can have great weapon, shield or blunderbusses.

Blunderbusses : as described on warseer : range 12, S3 piercing.

1d3 multiple shots (roll one time for the unit).

If 10 blunder : no more long range and stand and shoot reaction penality

If 20 or more : reroll to wound

Hobgoblins : 4 pts

Come with light armour and throwing knives

Animosity : great change, very fluffy. No test if CD or BC within 6.

1 : panic test (coward!) If succeed, act as normal.

2-5 : act as normal

6 : bloody murderers! 1D3 wounds, then get reroll to hit.

Backstabber rule : very fluffy too! : if restrain to pursue, fleeing unit suffer 1D6 S3 hits for each 10 hobgoblins

Special units :

No more BO, orcs or goblins

No more sneaky gits

No more bolt thrower

Infernal guard : Changes!

WS5, stubborn now!

13 pts, +1 pt for shield

Fireglaves can have shields

Wolf riders : mongol look

7 pts (??? Should be an error!)

unit size 5+.

Fluffy rules : if they charge from rear or flanck, +1 to combat resolution. If charged, -1 to hit roll.

BC unit : monstruous beasts


Have scaly skin rule (5+). Have heavy armour.

Can have shield (5 pts), great weapon (10 pts), or spears (5 pts)

Cause fear!

Characters are the same : hero : S5T5W3A4. Cause fear, may have black armour (but not BC units)

New unit : Kdiiiiiiii

Bound daemon!

Monstruous infantry


Unbreakable, unstable

Fear, flamming attack

Ward save 4+, 2+ ward save against flamming attacks

One rule say that every model in base to base (but not other Kdiii) suffer 1S4 hit, flamming

Another rule is very fluffy : CD sorcerer summon these creatures. With time, they lost power on them.

At the beginning of the 2dn turn, and for each turn, toughness test. If failed, 1D3 wound without save.

Magma cannon : 145 pts

war machine

flamme thrower, range 24.

S5, 1D3 wound

Rocketteer : 100 pts

Our old death rocket.

war machine

Stone thrower, S3 flamming, S8 1D6 wounds

Rare units :

Iron daemon : changes :

S8T8W8 on the list. S8T6W6 on the fluffy part.

Every warmachines can have hellbound amelioration :

hellbound : magical, cause fear, +1T and +1W. But is misfire, additionnal 1D3 wound (no save)


Chaos giant siege

Dreadquake : 155 pts

our new earthshaker!

war machine

Got an ogre slave. Can have another one for 20 pts (so we can reach 9 wounds!)

S5 template, S10 1D6 wounds.

Quake wave : dangerous test for the unit if they want to move or fire. No march move, no charge.

Slow to fire : if the ogre slave is slain, 3+ to fire.

-1 on misfire chart

My feeling : good value unit!

Finally, our NEW MONSTER : Kdii Monster

Contrary to what we thought, the artwork that shown a taurus in fusion is the Kdii! Looks like a golem bull!


Unbreakable, unstable

Frenzy +1D3

Flamming attack, terror, large target

Ward save 4+, 2+ ward save against flamming attacks

Same rules as Kdii

Hashut lore : soon but I found only two spells not as usefull as the others.

Lore attribute : +1D3 casting against Flammable…

Signature spell : range 12 : get hatred rule. Boost version : all unit in 12 :slight_smile:

Sixth spell : Flames of Azgorh are back!!! And yes they are!

Small template, scatter 1D6. S6, 1D6 wound.

+ under the center : Toughness test -2 or slain (no save).

25+ : boost version : great template

9 Magics items. Rather good but as in the TK book.

That’s all folks!

My feeling : I fear that we won’t have our own CD book (to costly). But the CD list is good.

Miniatures are great, cute, well designed and great amount of details.

The CD list is rather good, and very fluffy!

Ravening Hordes list isn’t gone, as the two lists are very differents way to play!

We shouldn’t wait FW to make all the range, so, everybody here, that have allways loved to be free to have their own vision of their mini, still have this possibility!

To Thommy H : this is a reason why CDO won’t die!

Feel free to ask any question you want, I tried to remind all the information I can (1h left on the stand, in several times…)

Rumour #55
I can confirm that WF will be making a Lamassu.

Rumour #54
a tiny bit of info

the list in the turkmanian book for cd will be based around the black fortess

there WILL however be a normal CD list coming out with a WF book SOON afterwards!

ghost21, via warseer
Rumour #53
After spending a little bit of time with the book on sunday even though the fluff section is being fiddled with the rules they said they where more upto date. The chaos dwarfs have there own army list including magic items and there own lore of magic. bull centaurs are now monsters beasts which solves the infantry/cav issues. The hell cannon is in and also the siege giant shown at the open day. blunderbuss are only strength 3 AP but if the unit is above 10 they ignore the negatives for stand and shoot and moving and if the unit is 20+ they get to re roll to wound.

But everything is in the book for a fully playable army and I think the reason is to include it for games of 3k+ rather than simple allied rules take a sperate army to go with the first.

Hobgoblins and wolf riders in the book but they where not shore they would be making them could be just conversion parts for the plastic goblins.

hope all this helps.

Rumour #52
Chaos Dwarfs do have them as a list that you can use them on there own, bull centaurs are monstrous beasts and hob goblins are in!

blunderbuss have extra rules for the size of the unit. a unit 10+ gets no modifiers for long range or stand and shoot a unit 20+ also gets to reroll to hit or wound (sorry cant remember which).

led 571
Only strength 3 with armour piecing and can’t remember the range, they where saying it should be going to the printers in July.

led 571
That reminds me, Alan Bligh the author of the new Tamurkhan book mentioned that the Chaos Dwarves would have a special character Great Taurus in addition to the standard one and that these would now be constructs powered by bound fire demons. He also said there would a monstrous infantry incarnation of these so giant flame filled suits of animated armour!

Valaraukar via Kroothawk

Rumour #51

Tamurkhan is due out in July 2011. The Chaos Dwarfs were primairliy designed to be used as a contingent to add to the Warrior’s of Chaos army, however the book contains a FULL playable Chaos Dwarf Army List with many options and upgrades.

The new Chaos Dwarf infantry (Infernal Guard) are Chaos Dwarf Slaves that are forced to wear the full suit of armour and full face helmet before being unleashed on the Chaos Dwarfs enemies. The champion has no full face helmet which is a reward from his captors.

Most of the warmachines had two pages of rules/background/stats etc some of this stuff is going to be complicated to use. The Warsmiths also had a huge amount of original rules and exciting options.

Warmachines can be connected to form a seige train, however it costs a ton of points and won’t be used unless you are playing 'ard boy lists (3000+pts).

Time of Madness
Rumour #50

A bit of a long post, written on warseer and copied/pasted (when I say ‘here’ I mean on warseer)

I thought you may all appreciate this summary. I went to the Scale Model World event today and spoke to Mark Bedford and Ead (the IT/newsletter guy). As they will undoubtedly read this at some point (see later for how I know), I�?Td like to thank you guys for taking the time to answer my many questions.

As nothing was said that I feel should be kept private, I�?Tll just note it all down.

I asked him first about the Steam Train, what the idea was behind it all. As many people know their idea is that the CD will be travelling to war in armoured convoys. So that�?Ts the idea behind it. From a rules point of view the idea is that the front part of the steam train is the CD equivalent of an empire steam tank (presumably with �?~open top�?T rules) and is supposed to be detached from the back part before the battle. The wagon that we�?Tve seen, the siege bombard, and any others they make will have their own steam engine on them, so they are capable of some locomotion.

The second hero type CD model is an engineer, over on CDO there has been some discussion if it is a combat hero or an engineer (as it didn�?Tt have a label right next to it).

As it is relevant to most of what follows I�?Tll put this bit here. I asked him about future plans for the Chaos Dwarfs and it seems that they are in discussions right now (well, a meeting next week) about how best to go forwards with them.

From what I gather they have lots and lots of plans for things they can do, but any future support will be directly determined by how popular the other CD models are. The people higher up want to make a decision based on sales data. So the more people buy the higher the chances of them making a stand alone list. Mark basically said that. If the sales figures of the things we�?Tve seen are good they will green light the whole project so that the Chaos Dwarfs become the Warhammer Forge equivalent of the Death Korps of Krieg.

I asked him about the bull concept art, and it seems there is an intention to rework the idea to make it more metal than burning flesh with lava. Mark was saying it looked too much like a Balrog, which I don�?Tt think is a bad thing at all! :D They would want to make it ridden. I wasn�?Tt too sure if there was a definite plan to actually make this into a model or not, presumably it�?Ts to do with the CD project being given the ok.

Same with hobgoblins, something Mark Bedford is very keen to do.

Bull Centaurs from what I gather are going to happen anyway, they are going to be ogre sized models.

I asked him about them doing basic troops, he said that their remit does not currently allow them to make stand alone infantry, like chaos dwarf warriors. He did however (with a cheeky grin and a twinkle in his eye) say that IF they were to have the warriors mounted on a war machine, and people could buy the warriors separately in order to go on it, that it would be a possible way forwards. He mentioned again the Blunderbussers wagon, so imo that one is going to happen.

Something we chatted about for a little bit was the daemonic stuff. How the last thing we�?Tve seen from GW for them is the Hellcannon, which is obviously nothing to do with steam power. It seems they have thought about this as well, infact he may bring it up at the meeting next week�?� :wink:

The way Mark described this I think they are definitely moving towards a combined range of models that has both steam and daemon powered models (i.e. some steam, some daemonic). We discussed how this would be done in the fluff, and he said they may look at a daemonic energy cult (not his exact words) as a way of working it in. I am fairly certain we will see some exclusively daemon powered models at some point.

I asked him about when the WF book was to be set, whether it is before or after what we consider to be the present (i.e. after SoC or not). What I took from his answer is that it is set in the present, as in the nurgle hordes are right now marching in at the start of the book. He said that the fans would always pick apart where certain characters are in the timeline, whether it�?Ts before or after SoC etc. So from what I gather they have gone with the easier option of starting it today, as in a direct follow on after the 8th ed rulebook. The interesting thing is that from their point of view this is the official continuation of the timeline, it is not an alternate future. Mark was very clear about that. Presumably they are leaving it up to the fans to take it or leave it, which is exactly how it should be I think.

He said that where they go after the first book (or 2 books, he wasn�?Tt clear) is up to them, it may change now that Rick has gone. So I wouldn�?Tt consider anything written in stone yet.

I asked him about their plans for Dwarfs (as someone on warseer asked me to) and it seems they have no immediate plans, other than that they are planning to provide the most support to the highest selling warhammer armies, of which Dwarfs are 5th apparently. I guess that says a lot about their plans, he did say that Skaven are seeing a bit of a blip in sales at the moment, but I take it from what he said that they are not a high seller possibly(?)

I asked about how they are looking to do the nurgle models, what they are currently looking at is keeping the back half of the warrior cloaks and replacing the rest with an upgrade set. A tentacle arm was mentioned. For the knights I think it could be everything but the shield arm gets replaced. I didn�?Tt actually ask about the horse for some reason. Maybe the horse head?

The empire upgrade sets are being improved, as has previously been said.

I asked Mark about when they plan to start rolling this stuff out. They are

Rumour #49
…One minor contradiction to what others are saying when I asked at the Warhammer Forge stand I was told by Mark Bedford that the Chaos Dwarves would be in the book both as additions to the Chaos army and as a stand alone list.

Make of that what you will but that’s what the guy said.



Rumour #48

"From: Tony Reidy

Rumour #47
I have done a full summary of everything I’m aware of (credit to all those who posted).

Release date

Rumoured that some models will be out by Christmas (2010), Tamurkhan: Throne of Chaos out Feb/March/April time

The launch was originally intended for 2012 but the company want to start seeing a return on the investment in design so they will likely launch in early 2011 with 6-8 pieces and then a second wave to follow shortly after.

The production cycle is around 3 months and starting in November so around February release, Paul Rudge said that the books are being produced through Forgeworld and that there was one more IA book to come then this then another IA book then a slot which was undecided which could be the second of these.

Models intended for release (as far as I know)

Theodor Bruckner on Demigriffon (and on foot) the emperors new champion

Marienburg Land Ship

Tamur Khan a nurgle ogre ( possibly a human) riding the toad dragon.

Chaos Dwarf Siege Bombard (will have a chained ogre to load it with a couple of CD ‘motivators’)

Chaos Dwarf Skullcracker

Chaos Dwarf Magma cannon

Chaos Dwarf Demolition rocket

Chaos Dwarf Steam Engine

Chaos Dwarf Engineer (possibly also the second one)

Carmine Dragon

Chaos Ogre

Nurgle WoC Command

Plague Toads

Plague Toad rider


Models showcased but unlikely to be released

Empire upgrade sprues on display won�?Tt be produced (the fits weren’t tight enough) but they will likely re-work them and then release.

Nurgle champion unlikely to be released

Rumoured models

Third Nurgle Ogre

Third Nurgle Troll.

Various riders for Carmine Dragon (Empire mentioned)

A mammoth with ogres on it

Plastic monsters for next year!

Possible Vermin Lord

One of the land train carriages will be a platform for a regiment of CD blunderbussers and that they will be released separately followed later on by command models.

More Plague Toad riders

Other rumours

Bull Centaurs

Chaos Dwarfs with Great Weapons (possibly also with halberds??)

Hobgoblins on foot and on wolves

Lord on Great Taurus

CD Sorcerer

Warrior Priests of Taal

Warrior Priests of Morr

Warrior Priest on a Griffon

A boat-like flying ship, with wing-oars.

Possible add-ons to the Doomwheel or Screaming Bell sets

Most of the Chaos Dwarf stuff will be split between books 1-2 as the models have either just been started or are still in the concept phase.

Rick confirmed they were not planning to release CD as a complete army.

The artillery train was described as akin to the warhammer equivalent of a nuke which would fire up over the walls into the centre of the city and level it!

Info on Warhammer Forge

They can’t start making FW versions of regular infantry units as that treads on the studios toes, so they intend to do upgrade kits to get around this.

Things like Kislev, CD and hobgoblins would be treated as allied forces, not stand alone armies.

Dogs of War may get some treatment, but only in the form of Regiment of Renown unit/command upgrades for warhammer army book units.

Similar format to the imperial armour books; story line, characters, army lists, special rules and figures to go with.

The books will NOT contain photographs of the models, they will only be artwork. The idea is that the Warhammer Forge books will be of the “era” and be illustrated manuscripts. I guess it also allows them to release models for them years later, as they only have artwork as the placeholder.

The Warhammer Forge books will be linked and span several volumes detailing an expansion of Chaos. This is not written as an unbroken narrative but rather as a selection of scenes or encounters, parts of the story which give the background for the battles.

It will be spread over more than 40 chapters and follows the fortunes of the key characters.

The first book follows the fortunes of Tamur Khan for a bit then leaves him hanging whilst following the fortunes of one of his lieutenants for example or spotlighting events elsewhere in the warhammer world which have a bearing on the tale, before returning to the main characters again. All sumptuously illustrated with fine artworks and wonderful maps showing the routes followed by the main protagonists so we can place the events in the warhammer world as the story unfolds.

Rick has actually scaled out the WFB map in his own way to plan out how long it would actually take an army to march etc.

Rick basically wants to muck around with the timeline and advance it in these books.

The first book features the expansion of Nurgle into the West; Nurgle WoC, Chaos Dwarfs, Ogre Kingdoms and Empire.

The second book concludes the Nurgle expansion, and has some Dwarf models

Second expansion is Tzeentch into the south, fighting the Lizardmen (presumably O&G as well).

Third expansion is Slaanesh into the East, fighting �?~elves�?T (presumably High Elves and Dark Elves).

Forth expansion is Khorne into the North.

Note that there will probably be 2 books per chaos god, and there may not always be a book with chaos in, if there is something significant happening somewhere else in the world that has some bearing on the overall story.

Book 1 Tamurkhan - The Throne of Chaos

Planned and written by Rick Priestley.

Lots of bespoke Adrian Smith artwork will feature in the first book.

Ostermark mentioned.

Harry thinks the first book gets as far as the sacking Altdorf.


The first book either starts or ends with the emperor presumed dead along with all or most of the counts. Esme Stoutheart the Halfling becomes the emperor, this lasts for a short while. The new emperor�?Ts son was kidnapped by orcs and sold to chaos slavers, he’s a dark sorcerer.

The books may start at a later time, many years from the current time, when the Empire truly is in ruins, a corpse waiting to be eate



books) would be not just the end of the empire but the entire warhammer world hence definitely an alternative / future timeline

The first book Tamurkhan focuses on Tamur Khan (a Nurgle worshipping warlord) who is marching west through the lands of the Chaos Dwarfs and the Ogre Kingdoms. Finally ending up in the Empire.

Tamur has taken the form of an Ogre as he takes on the form of whatever he kills, otherwise he is just a big maggot or a lot of small maggots which are release when he is wounded.

The 4 brothers (major powers) divide the world into quarters, each heading in a different direction. The Nurgle invasion starts just north of the mountains of mourn. Some ogres fight against chaos, some join chaos. They then move on through the steppes and dark lands, picking up chaos dwarf and hobgoblin allies and fight their way over the mountains and along the Reik towards Marienburg. at some point the Nurgle lord bathes in the Reik and turns it to pus. The plague toads are either daemons who have used the befouled Reik as a warp rift or possessed/mutated wildlife from the river.


WarseerRumour #46

I also had a long chat with Rick Priestly and Paul Rudge and I have a few further bits I don’t think have been mentioned and some confirmations.

Spoiler (Highlight to read)


First off Rick said that the conclusion of this campaign (all the books) would be not just the end of the empire but the entire warhammer world hence definitely an alternative / future timeline


The Nurgle heading west part would be split between two books the first of which the Tamurkhan would be out early next year with the production cycle being ~3 months and starting in November so around February release, Paul Rudge said that the books are being produced through Forgeworld and that there was one more IA book to come then this then another IA book then a slot which was undecided which could be the second of these.

The books will cover not just the chaos stuff but also the races they come into contact with initially the ogres, empire and Chaos Dwarves. However Rick confirmed they were not planning to release CD as a complete army but that in the past chaos invasions had failed due to their poor ability to lay siege to cities and that the Chaos Dwarves would appear as Siege engines to aid in this. The artillery train was described as akin to the warhammer equivalent of a nuke which would fire up over the walls into the centre of the city and level it!

He mentioned that further books he had planned would cover Slaanesh vs. the Elves, Tzeentch vs. the Lizardmen followed by Khorne. Presumably these too could end up being more than one book so we could be looking at 8-10 which would tie in with the 2 books a year for 5-6 years mentioned earlier.

There is probably more I can’t remember right now so if you have any specific questions feel free to ask and I will see what I can recall if anything on them.

warseerRumour #45

The Large Cannon
Rumour #44

i was told that one of the
Rumour #33
Jervis comments in WD

Anyone else read the Standard Bearer article for March WD (UK)?

I find it particularly interesting, as it’s all about the reasons why they have not added a ‘new’ army, and their treatment of the existing armies.

Which is obviously hugely relevant for us.

I’ll do my best to summarise;

Back in the day GW were ‘whimsical’ about adding and taking away armies.  They were creators and not collectors, and didn’t appreciate how people would fall in love with armies.

They decided their ‘most important goal’ was to support existing armies really well. (doesn’t sound good so far).

However, they recognise that their customers are collectors at heart, and they do want to surprise them now and then.

The next bit is worth quoting;


By now some of you will be saying ‘Well that is all well and good, but when are you actually going to get round to doing new models and armies?’…  That is a another good question, and the answer is that we’ve already started making new things for you to collect - we just haven’t got round to adding a whole new army just yet



hopefully, one day we we’ll be able to do whole new armies for our games too.  None of this is going to happen incredibly quickly… we’re in this for the long haul

So what do you make of all this?

There were some things I found interesting but this is all based on my feeling of what he said.

They do still appreciate that we (CD fans) exist indirectly (who else would he be talking about??).  He was bombarded and hounded enough at Games Day to want to write a whole Standard Bearer article on it.  He appreciates that they can still sell stuff to people based on nostalgia (my interpretation).

He said ‘incredibly’ quickly, as opposed to just ‘quickly’…?  Does that imply possibly that something is on the not too distant horizon?

There is no mention of Forge World doing anything, a factor which imo is very important.

They clearly do not want to release CD until they have enough models to make a decent army, but (imo) there could already be finished CD models sitting around somewhere and they are just building up the units slowly.  Infact we know this is the case already as they have been rumoured to be spotted.

The timing of all this is interesting, as he actually wrote it after games day UK, but he has written a fair few Standard Bearers since then I think?  Better late than never.  Maybe he writes them months in advance of the 3 months before publishing?

Thoughts?  Nothing really new I guess.

Rumour #32
When someone said

“40K Squats and WHFB Chaos Dwarves are not to likely to be coming back anytime soon in 8th edition WHFB.”

he answered:

“your dead wrong about the chaos dwarve”

and added:

"if you have hung on to your CD and waited patiently for a day that you would get the full treatment. then your wait will be over soon.

the problem is, dude… theres a lot of stuff coming before they will. its not fair to talk about stuff thats in concept form."

steppingonyou, warseer
Rumour #31
Seeing as it is relevant to what hashuts lil helper and Gar Shadowfame have have said (and possibly people in other threads), it may be educational for people to know about something that went on over on warseer many months ago.

Some of you may know 75Hastings, one of their more reliable rumour posters over there.  He has more or less confirmed that whether he was specificially asked to do it by GW, or he reported the results indirectly, he created a thread and asked what people would want GW to make.

The overwhelming response was CD.  GW took notice of this (as I said, possibly because they asked him to do it, or he presented it and they agreed).  Hastings has made it clear either way that his thread has been used by GW as a form of market research.

Now we hear that fantasy forgeworld are being created, and they are doing chaos dwarfs as a top priority…

Believe it, or ignore it.  I’m not bothered either way really.

I just thought it would be interesting for people who were not aware that this had happened, and think the only way they will take notice to make CD again is through players in tournies.  Imo it never was down to tournie player numbers, it was all down to sales potential based on feedback.  Maybe they figured we had all forgotten or something.

This coincidently was months ago, long before the indy list was even discussed.

Rumour #30

I was at my local GW yesterday and the store manager told me that Chaos Dwarfs were coming out next year. They would definitely be a Forgeworld army, not a Citadel one. They will be made under the soon to be founded Forgeworld Fantasy (created because Forgeworld weren’t listening to GW telling them to make more Fantasy stuff), which will be headed (although maybe just heavily involving) Rick Priestly.

He stated them all as facts, not as whispers that he was hearing or anything, hence the new thread etc.

Rejoice for new army and book? Definitely. Downside: likely cost…

(edited incase this leads to trouble for the individual) - Grim

Hashut’s Blessing
Rumour #29
Talked to a couple of the FW guys before the doors open (joys of doing a demo table)

and was told that they where looking at doing a couple of “collectors” pieces - wouldn’t elaborate more on the “figures” though a couple of guys with the “MIG” pigments where muttering Taurus  but was told a Deamon fuelled 'ish Dwarf Steam tank among a couple of CD only war machines where in the fore

didn’t get to the seminar as was busy but how much salt need to be taken will have to be seen

Rumour #28 from Warseer:
Hi everyone, I guess I have some good news for you, I attended UK GD today, and asked a guy at the Forge World Studio booth, if any new Warhammer Fantasy stuff was coming soon from FW, he said no, then I asked about the Warhammer Fantasy FW company everyone is talking about, he said that he did not know much about it but he had seen some miniatures.

Being a Skaven player I asked if he had seen any Skaven there, he said and I quote:

“No I haven’t seen any Skaven, only some Chaos Dwarfs”

There it is, enjoy.
Rumour #27
Sad (and disappointed) to say there was NOTHING at games day.  No place holder, no concept art, no WIP sculpts of anything.  I’d love somebody to post something, but I had a good look round and didn’t see anything.

I spoke to Phil Kelly and Alessio.  Phil didn’t really confirm or deny, and Alessio seemed genuinely surprised to hear that everyone was already talking about a release (must be a bad line to the outside world in the GW bunker).  I didn’t get the ‘we’ll do them eventually’ routine from either, just blagging their way around it really…

I spoke to Mark Bedford (the FW guys are always more open), he said they were making some CD, but I couldn’t get him to give any more details or dates.  He also semi-supported the rumour on warseer that fantasy forgeworld will be making models for races that don’t have any (nippon/ cathay etc).  Also that they wanted to do ‘Imperial Armour’ style books for fantasy, with monsters and army lists etc.  Maybe some siege stuff as well, although he may have just been agreeing with me that it would be cool.

So overall nothing new really.  Shame.

Grimstonefire, referring to UK Gamesday
Rumour #26
Chaos Dwarfs minis (unknown on the Army Book) are to be produced entirely by ForgeWorld

Bell of Lost Souls
Rumour #25 (translated from German)
I also brought up the topic of Chaos Dwarfs, and they said straight away that there are some things planned with Fantasy, but in a different way. GW will create a sister company that is specialized in Fantasy and will hire new designers for that task. So don’t expect Forge World to do much in Fantasy as the designers there are 40k-fans and will produce accordingly.

Rumour #24 (note that the two releases he is referring to are Skaven and Beastmen)

There is some other exciting stuff to look forward to between these two releases.

Harry, warseer
Rumour #23
GW have said that they will continue to support all the existing armies.

When they bring back CD I have no doubt that they will see as much support as any other army and be slotted in the schedule in the years to come just like all the others.

Harry, on BoLS forum
Rumour #22 (from Harry on Warseer, references Rumour #21 below, bolded text is done by me)
Well when he says “new” …

I am certain they will not update all the books before we will see 8th edition. I had a conversation with Jervis and Gav when they were explaining that they were making the army books robust enough to withstand a change in the core rules specifically so they didn’t have to update each army book, each edition. Now I can’t remember exactly where we were in the release schedule at the time but I know Woodies and Brets were after this and possibly even OK so I am going to guess that these would be the ones written to withstand new rules.

Rumour #21 from Warseer (bolded text done by me)

No. AFAIK the plan is still to update the current range of army books without skipping any, although the order of the books still left to be updated may not be the same as the release order last time around, this however is purely speculative on my behalf as there wouldn’t be anything really to stop them bring out say a new empire book prior to for example WE. Remaining books to be updated before Empire would be Skaven, BoC, TK, OK, WE, Brets some of these need more work than others obviously. It’s very likely that next edition WFB will be with us by this time next year (or thereabouts) and last I heard there were going to be significantly more WFB releases next year than there was this year, realisticly I would expect probably 3 of the books mentioned above to come AFTER 8th ed WFB, then I guess we’ll see Dwarfs, Empire & O&G very early on in the reign of 8th. Don’t forget there may even be a new army to come out somewhere in the lineup of books to be updated too.

75Hastings69, Warseer
Rumour #20 from Warseer

Well, I’m the one who originally posted that FW was going to be working on CDs. I had it right from the mouth of the studio manager at GD Baltimore in front of wittnesses. I’m not surprised that there have been more questions and a supposed confirmation that GW at large will be “updating” CDs.

I’m not shakey on if they are doing them, only when they plan to do them and to what extent FW and GW will be sharing the project if it isn’t simply a FW only project.

Rumour #19 (from warseer)

So I just landed back from a short trip to visit with those crazy red coats on the otherside of the pond. My job in the military provides me a great deal of opportunity to explore the ins and outs of the world. Well needless to say when I went to the island I wanted to see the roots of GW…just so happened that one of my hosts brother works inside a development studio of a company that may or may not have a connection with a company that is mentioned quite a bit in this forum. Thats about as much as I will divulge on that subject… After some conversating he was able to arrange a late night game and visit to the studio. It was possibly the coolest Warhammer experience I have had in my entire life. Being surrounded by these people that live and breath the game is inspiring. Well needless to say there was about 5 of us in the studio, doing what the english do best…drinking and playing games. Well the 3 actual staffers got to talking and let me in on what is currently in the works. Lets just say there is a nearly completed Army book and range of miniatures that is amazing. The idea is apparently supposed to re-kindle the current state of the company and bring back alot of previous gamers that have not been spending as well as attract new gamers. The idea of a surprise new army release is the whole grand scheme…something no one expected. They said that is why there is a gap in releases for fantasy mini’s. This range is nothing we have ever seen before. Something completely new that is supposed to take everyone (in and outside of the game) by surprise. A disturbance, bigger than the tear that Chaos brought, brings in this new race. It was like a dream come true for me. I really am biting my tongue here…but just think the opposite side of the road in regards to the later. Sorry…but thats all I’ve got.[/quote]

Rumour #18 (from warseer)


Rumour #17 (from warseer)


Rumour #16 (from warseer)


Rumour #15 (from warhammer-empire)


Rumour #14 (from Bell of Lost Souls)


Rumour #13 (hopefully lucky 13) from Bell of Lost Souls:


warseer thread here: http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?p=3800477#post3800477

also mentioned here: Angels Sanguine: News: Gamesday Chicago - Chaos Dwarfs Will be Updated!

Rumour #12 (From Warseer via Grimstonefire)


Damn that’s a lot of quote marks.  3 Cheers to Harry for posting something indicative, one way or another :cheers :cheers :cheers

I will also quote what someone posted shortly afterwards, which is worth thinking about:

Harry mentioned in another thread that if there was an army being worked on it was not “new”. By bringing this up I would like to point out the difference between the phrases “There is no secret

Lord Dan
new army coming out” and “There is no secret army coming out”(edit; emphasis mine - Grim) . So before everyone jumps on the bandwagon of “hah, I told you there was no secret project” you might consider the specific application of quotations in his post.[/quote]


Rumour #11 (from Forgeworld via Dedwrekka)


Rumour #10 (from Bell of Lost Souls)

Rumour #9 (from Warseer):

no, sorry i cant. i will say that forge world is most likely going to handle CD.

so the spot they TENTATIVELY had for them is now free.

couple that with the promise they would finish all the new lines before the next rules tweek (v8) and you could say that it might be a part of a starter set…or not.

did you know that there is this myth going around that space marines make more profit than all the other lines combined?

think of this as space marines for fantasy, minus the guns, armor, background, colors and race. also, square bases. not round. also army book not codex.


OK i will tell you what i am allowed to tell you. I’ve received a phone call today, telling me what i can let loose and what i CANT say.

lets get to it

1. its new, but known.

2. its not based on some passing reference in black library book, nor any other passing reference.

3. it has heroes and troops.

4. it will bring back veteran players to the cash registers.

5. im horrible at spelling, grammar and punctuation

also i heard they are reworking a few molds to deal with mold lines and aggravation and glue fingers. heard, as in seen. the new molds. yes.

know what eles i seen?

a gorgon destroy:

1. a bloodthirster

2. a unit of chaos knights

3. skinks

your welcome


Rumour #7 (from Lava Lord)

- 09/05/2008

This response from Jervis and the letter that I sent predates my becoming a mod. I sent it to him via snail mail in early March. Jervis was nice enough to respond, and he and I have had a few email exchanges since then.

The Staff has been discussing this for about a month now and it seemed appropriate to discuss this now in light of the numerous threads going around about this topic.



This letter doesn�?Tt change much and doesn�?Tt do much other reiterate GW�?Ts stance about Chaos Dwarfs at the current time. It is important to read as to what is not being said. Chaos Dwarfs in the HoC list is going to be unlikely other then the purported reappearance of the Hellcannon. It seems that CDs are on their radar but a few years away, which could be argued: they always are…

So take it all as it is: GW is most likely not going to be releasing anything Chaos Dwarf anytime soon and any inclusion other then the Hellcannon is going to be surprising indeed.

That�?Ts not to say it can�?Tt happen, it just will be surprising.



Rumour #6 (from gIL^)


Rumour #5 (from Leadbelcher)


Rumour #4 (from Willmark)



Rumour #3 (from Warseer reported by Sobek)

original post: http://tinyurl.com/ypgxs3



Rumour #2 (courtesy of Minty):


Do you have any army book that you personally look forward too (entirely new, or re-make), and would you in that case want to write it yourself?

Gav: I�m really looking forward to the day I can get back to the Dark Elves. It was my first project after I took over the helm of Warhammer in 2000, and I couldn�t give it the attention it deserved. I think the book is okay at the moment, but I know that with more focus it could be more than okay, it could be great. As for new projects, I still think we will make Chaos Dwarfs really exciting. OK, they�re not really new, but they�ve been gone for so long they would seem that way. That or the Fishmen, obviously, but there�s strong competition from everyone in the department to be lead writer on that baby.[/quote]


(relevant text bolded by me)

Rumour #1 (from Xander):